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  1. Hi I used to sell wheels and got out of it for a few years now. Recently I bought some Rotas (18x9.5 and 18x11) I had that problem on my mustang when I went with rotas as well. Rota Dealer in NZ explained his wheels come in different blocks off offsets and he can order them machined down to achieve a offset. So they take something that is a Zero offset and they shave the back off until they get to +25. As well u can get a wheel that's a +20 and they shave it down to get a +45. That reduces the amount of castings they produce. So you might have had a different block that was machined alot and then the centercap stick out (like in my mustang) When you look at thoes mass produced wheels they have a huge block of material where the face hits the wheel, they shave that down to get a specific offset. Was a pain in the ass because I had to grind down some of the axle hub on my mustang to get them to sit flush. There was no more material left over to machine. If I had the money I would have put CCW's or HRE's or Simmon's as they are made to order. As always you get what you pay for.
  2. Checked all the forums and cant get a realtime answer. Any stations selling e85 at the pump in chch?
  3. sweet. more people in christchurch. My name is Ray, run a building company in chch. drive a black cobra "BADSVT" car is for sale so I can get back into turbocars. planning on buying a bfII with a ZF 6 speed in the next few weeks and then getting started. should have a decent chunk to get started. Spent 10-12 hours researching so far and shooting for 350-400 rwkws on factory turbo. Need the auto for work as I do EQC scoping for a living and drive 500-700km a week. Saw what to do to make that power on this site. Problem is I dont know how easy/cheap it is to get parts. how is harman motorsports for working on our cars? also searching gets me no definate answers but is there any E85 pumps in chch? cheers guys Ray
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