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  1. Happy Birthday Whisler70!

  2. Happy Birthday Whisler70!

  3. Happy Birthday Whisler70!

  4. 5 Speed Gearbox Removal

    ohh ok sweet, I rang a couple of performance places and they said the same thing. cheers.
  5. 5 Speed Gearbox Removal

    yer I had a clutch alignment tool that came with the clutch, used that and was all lined up sweet.
  6. 5 Speed Gearbox Removal

    got everything back in sweet, tried to just tilt the motor but wouldnt move much from where we already had it. ended up just loosening the engine mounts and the motor tilted heaps and the box slid straight in. Now everything is in the new clutch engages only a couple cm off the floor where the old one engaged nearly right at the end of the stroke, is it ment to be like that? same clutch and everything and I have blead it up as much as I can but yer just need someone to tell me if that's how its ment to be or not so I dont drive it and f*ck it. cheers
  7. 5 Speed Gearbox Removal

    Alright ill just have to try tilt my engine more and hopefully it will slide back on haha thanks heaps ill let yous know how I go.
  8. 5 Speed Gearbox Removal

    Yer everything is out of the car... The bell housing was just hitting on the gearbox tunnel and making it hard to get out. Did you have to rotate the gearbox to get it in and out? I'm sure ill manage to get it back in, I was just wondering if I was doing it right and if there was an easier way? Once I had everything undone it took about 20 mins to get out. Just waiting for my clutch to come in before I put it all back together.
  9. 5 Speed Gearbox Removal

    yer have a hoist and gearbox jack. have tilted the motor as much as I can without undoing engine mounts and was still hard work. do you recomend undoing engine mounts?
  10. 5 Speed Gearbox Removal

    can anyone give me some tips on getting a 5 speed gearbox out and back in on an sedan 04 ba xr6t easily? or are they all hard to get out and in again? ive got mine out but was a struggle and getting it back in is going to be harder so was wondering if there was any secrets to doing it?

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