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  1. Happy Birthday Aussie_Watto!

  2. Happy Birthday Aussie_Watto!

  3. I have been thinking about this for a while now and I want to put a cut off switch in my ute. I know they have immobiliser built in etc but my car will be in storage soon and I wont be around. Call it peace of mind. I want to isolate the fuel pump and was wondering 2 questions. 1: has anybody done this before? 2: where abouts in the ute is the fuel pump? In the back around the tank hey? Its a 2012 FG XR6T
  4. Happy Birthday Aussie_Watto!

  5. The first time someone spots me and my car is filthy haha
  6. I cant believe that after 2 years you only just clocked 20k!! I have had my ute since november and ive already put 22k on it!!!
  7. Are these hard to install?? I am pretty handy when it comes to most things but Ive always been a bit hesitant with turbo work. I will be doing the cai box upgrade shortly and wouldnt mind changing the piping around at the same time
  8. Hey lads and lasses. I have a question to ask you ute owners. I have a 2012 xr6t mk2 ute. Currently it is running the stock 19inch rims. I do alot of driving (city and long long longggg distance) I have put on 15,000ks in bit less then 3 months already! When my tyres decide they have had enough and no grip left I really want to upgrade to 20's. I know they will fit on there but I have heard some positive and some negative feedback from people who have gone higher and was wondering if anybody had some clarity on the issue or if they have done it. Alot of people have said that going to the larger rim size means you feel alot more of the bumps and gives you a less comfortable drive (especially on long trips), I have also heard that going up more then 2inchs has the effect on being illegal and therefore would give the po-po a reason to book and consequently insurance refuse a payout if something happens. Are these true?? Im not the best at searching the forum/internets on a mobile phone. Also what is the tyre wear like? Would I be replacing my tyres more often? How much of a difference to the ride height will I have? One more thing would it have any adverse effect on the speedo? The guys at a few tyre shops have said yeah yeah lets do it but im not keen on listening to them as such as gospel because they simply want to sell and make there budgets. Sorry for so many questions but just want to get the complete idea before I do something il regret
  9. How long does it take to get this done? Like the car would need to stay with the powder coaters hey??
  10. When i get to Sydney il upload them. As for the steak knives give me a chance to go to a few RSL bistros and borrow some...
  11. Aussie_Watto

    ute register

    The picture where the paint looks like an orange skin is due to my camera being pretty shonky not a bad paint job haha! I am getting my stereo upgrade done on Saturday now. Struck a top deal with a customer of mine down at Summernats and getting it tricked out to the max. Putting in 2 x 10' underseat subs, 4 x 6' high output speakers (one behind each seat the other in the doors), 2 tweeters in the window mounts on front, 2 x 2500watt amps. All wiring and mounts done. Normal retail close to $3500. Got it for the bargain basement price of $800!!! Gotta love striking a top deal with competition performance cars haha!!! I saved him $3k on batteries, he saved me the same on stereo parts
  12. How often do I wash it. The answer is nowhere near enough. Had it brand new bout 3 months ago now done 15,000ks already. Washed her once. Dirt adds character....
  13. I had the same sort of trouble on my xr6 sedan (before it got written off). Really loud crunching noise, rattle and when aircon was on the noise could be heard from a mile away. When I put sny kind of pressure on the clutch it got a bit better. It turned out to be the big end bearing and it caused a fark load of damage to the engine. Ford did not want to replace it due to them saying wear and tear but the car had only done 15,000k on it. Ended up going to department of fair trading and Ray Hadley (I worked in media at that time so pulled a few strings). The pricks at Sinclair Ford were really really bad and to this day still have not gone back to them. They replaced the entire engine with a brand new one. Might not be the same but just a thought.
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