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  1. Looks like a ba and from the interior photo looks like a 4spd not 6?
  2. http://www.fordprospares.com.au/ these guys in smithfield can probably just give you a replacement chair.
  3. No need to get angry, just asking a question about some advice given to me in the thread. I already did read up on the issue of intercooler without tune and cant recall anyone saying that it can seriously damage your engine.
  4. Just for not getting a tune after installing an intercooler?
  5. Nah gonna wait till I get full exhaust, actuator & flapper/or throw the bigger turbo in. I had no intention of throwing this much cash into this thing but once you pop you cant stop as im sure you will learn.
  6. Its like driving a totally different car at night when compared to the day with this heat, cant wait for summer to end. Best time I could get was 12.8@109 with stock cooler on a bloody hot day, interested to see how it goes on a cool day with the upgraded cooler.
  7. Got the work done at BTA motorsport in campsie (across from pickles auctions), highly recommend. I nearly didn't get my one also but won it at the max I was gonna spend which was 22.5k all up, car dealers always jack the price up - but the body didn't have a single ding or any drilled holes etc only the front seat was slightly worn from the cops gun belts rubbing the chairs. A replacement seat in excellent condition is $300 from ford wreckers in Smithfield so not a big issue anyway.
  8. Btw I spent $3500 getting the car to 285rwkw included a xcal/tune, cat, injectors, herrod CAI & Herrod intercooler piping. Since then I replaced the stock intercooler with a rapid V2 which should see it somewhere around 300
  9. I found they were in pretty bad condition at manheim when I was looking to buy one 2 months back, heaps of dings, scratches, wearing etc. Ended up finding a pretty good one at pickles auctions but they dont stock many.
  10. Looks pretty stock from what you can see under the bonnet. Did the original owner blow the stock box before the rebuild?
  11. Just had Chris from Rapid Systems install a rapid intercooler the other day using my herrod piping kit from earlier mods. From what I understand the cooler was not previously compatible with the Herrod piping kit but Chris made a set of lower pipes that made it fit so it works out a lot cheaper just buying the core with the lower pipes to have it thrown in. Overall I am very happy with the cooler and the vehicle has picked noticeably more power.
  12. Just cut the grill on my FG with a rapid intecooler using the blade from a hack saw, was a bit worried about doing it at first as there's no going back, but im happy with how it turned out. Very easy to do took about 5 minutes.

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