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  1. Happy Birthday dasmq!

  2. Happy Birthday dasmq!

  3. I fitted the gt2 (daughters birthday pressy) to my BA S2 the only problem was the upper mounts for the condensor otherwise fitted well and I'm an average mechanical ability . Had to open the front of the air box (spare one) as said it blocks off the CAI and use a stepped pipe (PVC) to the CAI . As for drive ability it appears that it by the seat of my pants quicker but I do need a custom tune as this is my first turbo but I think it is over boosting as I drive up the mountains every day and the traction light comes on. I may be wrong but I don't think it is loosing traction as I'm over 50 years old and I know what spinning wheels are. Just my thoughts.
  4. Happy Birthday dasmq!

  5. I thought I had one in the dash even Ford did and my daughter found it. It was the rear view mirror on the windscreen
  6. 1 Izuzu Bellet 6 months 2 XB 302 ford sed3 years 3 XC GXL 302 Rusted out in 2 years XJ550 YAMAHA 3 Months Kawasaki B1 GPZ1100 4 XY falcon 5 XC Ute 250 manual Kawasaki B2 GPZ1100, 85 1100 Katana big bored to 1170 Yoshi cams worked motor (fun) 6 Subaru Wagon 7 wagon 250 8 87 Magna 9 Ef Futura S1 11 years 10 BA XR6 Turbo
  7. About the air con pipe Ford did it on one model of the SVT they built a box and piped in an air con to assist the intercooler I think it was in 2000 I read it in a magazine
  8. For your ute why not use an old beer keg It would hold a lot and if mounted in the centre of the rear window would look good.
  9. Saw there unmarked White F6 this weekend at Bilpin hidden on the side of the road. I like how he gives speeders a head start so he can go 100ks or more in a 60 zone to catch the speeders. I have no problems with the Police just marked cars slow people down hiding is money raising. Have you seen the Porche the police were donated? In Sydney they had a fully marked Smat car near Central Station.
  10. There was a turbo 4.1 escort pannel van in Brookvale street regestered in a mag I think Street Machine. You can buy a 5.4 kit for a Focus its on Youtube in the states, that would be fast and fun.
  11. I have an EF s1 with a cam 5 speed conversion extractors it get 750 to 800 kms per tank to and from work (Bipin to Nort Richmond nsw) just bought a BA Mk 2 Turbo Shockwave being repainted at the moment it gets 500 to 550kms per tank but the BA tank is smaller than the EF.
  12. Yep Ford called back today and my respray is approved now all I have to do is wait for the paint to be sent to a pannel shop and then wait 2 weeks for them to paint it.
  13. I just bought a BA XR6T S11 in shockwave and took it back after the NRMA inspection (rear diff rubbers split) and before I left was stopped by the service manager as I had put my spare set of mags on it and painted the discs and carriers and fitted the polished calipers that I had at my shop and he started to pick the paint off my bonnet with his finger nail.He then told the service guy to get a camera and took photos of the bonnet roof and boot , then told me they will call me about getting it fixed under warranty. I thought this was just BS so reading this I am shocked that it might be true I just thought it was BS as they recon the bushes wrerent cracked. Lets see if I am lucky as my luck isnt that good latley.
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