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  1. Happy Birthday Greg20!

  2. Greg20

    Worth The Wait?

    I'm actually selling mine ATM mate. 2012 fg mk2 (full colour touch screen) xr6 turbo ute limited edition, manual in swift.
  3. Happy Birthday Greg20!

  4. Looks real good man. Client must be happy.
  5. Yeah doesn't exactly look like the easiest way of doing things.
  6. Haha yeah I heard he is one of the best around.
  7. Yeah I did. And that he sold it. Bit of shame actually, would of been awesome to be involved.
  8. Aww that's abit disappointing, not the man I thought you were. Nah just been reading your jet tuning thread and just wanted to chat to ya about that. Looks really interesting and keen to get more info about it all. Hence the pm.
  9. Haha alright. Cheers man. I'll start talking more sh*t then
  10. Hey jet, trying to pm you but won't let me send. Just wanna have a chat to ya.
  11. Greg20

    Ute Exhaust

    Nah guys I have stock exhaust. I want another one so when I sell the ute I still have a stock exhaust to go with it, but I can alter the one I've got now however I want in the meantime.
  12. Greg20

    Ute Exhaust

    Hey guys. I have a stock fg xr6 turbo 2012 ute. Was wondering if anyone has gone aftermarket and still has there stock exhaust. Cheers in advance guys.
  13. Yeah pixy, cheers for organizing everything. Hope the chips and heavy did ya well. Was good to get out and cruise. Sorry couldn't join ya for a pie boys. Definitely next time. And I'll bring a radio for ya next time mazzo
  14. Put me down for a maybe. I'm 99% sure I can come though.

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