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  1. ba6turbo

    X-Force 4'' Turbo Back

    so the pipe is fitted. only one fitment problem. the exhaust tip is touching the rear bar. not sure what I am going to do yet. no annoying drone. I think it is marginally louder than the three inch system it has replaced. in mount isa traffic it is not noticeable with v8 landcruisers with twin systems and harleys around everywhere. I dont have to be concerned about attracting too much attention when sticking the boot in. I am now really looking forward to the next step of engine mods and tune over the next couple of weeks.
  2. ba6turbo

    Known Issues Fg Xr6T

    almost forgot the interior head liner dropped, both on my BA and FG
  3. ba6turbo

    Known Issues Fg Xr6T

    2011 fg xr6t manual ute 70,000klms microswitch under brake pedal replaced, worked 50% of the time fuel level sender died, new in tank pump assembly required clutch slave cylinder died, inside of bell housing tried to get spare key programmed, instrument cluster died ( I <3 Bananas expensive spare key very rare problem apparently) upper control arm bushes died, K-mac kit installed tray lid locking mechanism broke gear shift boot currently falling apart both internal door levers broke windscreen washer bottle motor died brief rattle on top of engine on cold start (hopefully this is a timing chain tensioner problem, all timing gear will be replaced with atomic products shortly) thermostat seal died I think that's about it
  4. ba6turbo

    Future of Site - Discussion

    I think that once you post a pic on facebook, it is no longer your pic. facebook owns it. I will never trust facebook with any of my details. a private server is the way to go. didnt realize this site was in a bit of strife.
  5. ba6turbo

    X-Force 4'' Turbo Back

    my xforce 4 inch turbo back turned up today for an fg ute. bloody big pipe. hopefully goes on without any bullsh*t modifications. good to hear other peoples experience.
  6. ba6turbo

    06 Engine Light Problem

    righto no worries, cheers lads
  7. ba6turbo

    06 Engine Light Problem

    gday all thanks for your support in the past. this thread is for a workmate who bought a mint 06 turbo with low klms. about three times a week the engine light will come on and the engine will drop cylinders until the ignition is reset. once the ignition is reset, the engine will purr like a kitten for another couple of days. the engine is unmodified. is this problem familiar to anyone? thanks again ba6turbo
  8. ba6turbo

    Need Advice: Securing Boost Guage

    ah its all good now. I didnt have it pushed in properly. also gauge came with a little sticky pad which is holding it properly. thanks ey
  9. ba6turbo

    Help: Issues After Icc Removal

    yea your right. it must not have been pushed in properly. sweet.
  10. Gday all just removed my icc to install boost guage in 05 xr6t. after putting icc back in and reconnecting wiring looms into bottom, I have the following issues tacho and speedo dont workoil light ontemp light onengine light ontraction control light wont turn offcruise control does not display but does workstereo does not turn onanyone else had this problem? have disconnected, reconnected battery.
  11. ba6turbo

    Need Advice: Securing Boost Guage

    sweet thanks guys. so that's all good but, when I put the dash containing stereo and heater controls back in I have the following problems: tacho and speedo dont workengine light onoil light ontemp light ontraction control light on, still able to turn traction control on and off (light stays on)cant power on stereocruise control works but does not appear as engaged on instrument panelhave reconnected all wiring looms into bottom of dash unit. anyone had this problem?
  12. Gday all new member here. bought a saas guage pod and boost guage. no problems with wiring or pressure hose. not sure how to secure guage properly with supplied bracket. any suggestions?
  13. ba6turbo

    Boost Guage Panel

    I found this thread useful also

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