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  1. Happy Birthday fraggle!

  2. Happy Birthday fraggle!

  3. Happy Birthday fraggle!

  4. Happy Birthday fraggle!

  5. If you do it, run a phone cable with the power cable. I didnt and it sh!t's me to tears all the time no phone no internet in the shed !!!
  6. You pay the boat fair and flight back fuel and sleeping somewhere and ill get it there. in November Or firstly does it go
  7. fraggle


    Whats wrong with toyotas I got one its 23 years old and it DID drive better than my two year old falcon
  8. Happy birthday Ken Watch out for the postman
  9. fraggle

    Service Manual

    Can we copy copy? ← Or a copy copy copy
  10. fraggle

    Dba 4000 Rotors

    Well people tested the new pads on the weekend, well give them a floggin and they went very well. Went over the sidling from Launceston to Scottsdale for those that dont know it there is around about 10-15ks of winding road through a semi rain forest with moss and wet patches on the road half of it is up hill long straight at the top the other side is down hill, with the old pads I would end up with brake fade and shudder before doing the up hill stuff there fore making all the down hill stuff very slow. But the pads where awsome give it a go along the straight at the top (Saw $2 go past) got a little bit of fade but the next corner they was back to there normal stopping power. If any one is having trouble with brakes or think they need to stop better the bendix ultimate pads are great. Makes me shake my head why ford didnt put good pads in to start with. The down side to these pads I think will be dirty wheels (so what) and pads wearing out sooner (so what) now to put on the DBA'S and see what happens. Just thought people would like to know!!
  11. fraggle

    Dba 4000 Rotors

    I was having a few brake dramas so changed the pads to the bendix and they are just great stops in what feels like half the distance than the old pads. Stopping from 120ks down to 20 or dead stop half a dozen times plus about 10 more 60ks to 0 they fell great. Will test for brake shudder before changing to dba's JUst so I now where im at before going any futher. Keep you posted
  12. fraggle

    Dba 4000 Rotors

    Not yet but picking them up today If they are as good as changing from ford standard brake pads to bendix ultimate I think I will be impressed
  13. Same thing happened to me drove me to tears so booked it in for a service and got them to fix it all good now

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