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  1. Happy Birthday Pridey!

  2. Happy Birthday Pridey!

  3. Just wondering if it is possible to replace the front bar of an XR6T with the front end of an F6 or GT??
  4. Cruise Ideas New South Wales

    done like a dinner!!
  5. Members Out West

    Any update on this meet, as Im from Castle Hill
  6. MkII in Triptronic everything stock ran 13.52 Added K&N Filter, dropped rear tyre pressures to 19psi ran 13.11
  7. Fg Mkii Turbo Ute Custom Stereo

    Even an 8' sub would be enough kick compared to a set of 6x9's, but in saying that will the 6x9s fit or only 5x7s?? but a nice clean sub with a descent set of clear speakers does the trick. Nice choice with the Focal Utopias, wont need rear speakers with those. all round top set up. Looked up LHRX Studio, old mate has some descent gear, be sure to head down to the shop when Im down that way. Looked into the the Audison Bit.ten processor that Boog72 recommended, if the Audiocontrol LCQ1 isnt what im after I'll give the Audison processor ago. I personally wont recommended anything but Rockford or Alpine Subs, amp wise yeah the Alpine PDX range are awesome, but Ive used Rockford amps since I got my licence and havent had any problems and more then happy with the quality so going to stick by them
  8. Annoying Noises.

    Cheering.. sounds like its going to be fun getting it sorted out. Anyone have a rough price for a new axle and is there other stronger makes or recommendations. Ive had the leafs strengthened too a 1 tonne load, then had it lowered about 2 inches, tyres tuck nicely under the tray but springs are flat. Would best option be to get a set of 2nd hand original leafs and throw them in before I take it to Ford??
  9. Annoying Noises.

    Heyy. Have an FG MkII XR6T Ute with a custom tray, Ive had it lowered both front and rear. For a few months now Ive noticed a squeak in the rear right wheel (usually on every rotation), but as soon as you tap the breaks the squeak is gone, Ive had it looked at and ford cant seem to fix the issue. Also, when going from a complete stop to moving, I hear a loud creaking noise in the back, Ive tightened things and tried jumping on the tray but no noise, only when I accelerate from a standstill do I hear it. Cheers
  10. Fg Mkii Turbo Ute Custom Stereo

    Cheers fellas, havent really thought about running a seperate headunit, was originally stuck on the idea of keeping it as stock as possible with the colour touch screen, but its something I'll have to think about now, wiring in a headunit is a piece of piss, already bought the LCQ1 converter, if Im not happy with the clarity and quality with the out put then I'll throw in a head unit. will be sure to post updates and progress reports with dimensions and any issues or what not over the next few weeks..
  11. Heyyy Just about to upgrade my stock system in my FG MkII UTE As the stock headunit cannot be changed, Im considering an Audio Control LCQ-1 to convert lines From that I am installing: Focal 165KRX2 6.5inch in the front Focal 130KRC 5inch or Focal IC570 5x7inch in the rear Powered by Rockford Fosgate T600-4 4 Channel Amp Rockford Fosgate T1D412 Sub Powered by at Rockford Fosgate T1500-1bd Amp Will have doors lined with dynamat as well as the wall on the back of the cab. Shall run 0 awg power cable to a splitter and from there run 4 awg power cable to the amps. Just after some opinons and thoughts or possible changes that could be made before I go ahead. Cheers

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