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  1. Just the reply I thought I may get.......some mothers should never had been allowed to breed.Just deactivate my account now please or ban me as you are a pharking tosser.You guys can all work in cahoots with one another,glad I didn't donate to this sh*thouse forum.
  2. After reading the thread again it's obvious this is only going one way.....you guys wan't feedback then look for the results on another forum as this one at the moment sucks balls by the nature of a few peoples attitude.All I am yet to provide is reliability so you can look for that result somewhere else.
  3. My trans isn't slipping.....just saying!.....please get ya facts straight.My name starts with a K also.
  4. Im as confident in my car doing the job now as you are confident in yours.I push the boundarys but don't dwell or stress about it in the meantime.As for the 4spd holding on question.....common man now that's clutching at straws......is yours going to last?(refer to my first line on this post)Do I need to add the fuel money and oil change before the meeting to the $200 as well,see what I am getting at?
  5. Yep,I have the 1000cc injectors,extra fuel pump setup already so this leaves me with just the tune....not my fault you guys get raped for tuning haha.As for following this thread lol,you have been watching heaps from the amount of times I have seen your name at the bottom of page.I know your comment was a little tounge in cheek but I am just stating what I think is quite possible with my setup,no point aiming low yeah?Do you have a reply about what I said with me being a ok candidate for testing?
  6. I do all that and more without putting you down in any way bloke,your setup aint that much different to mine tbh bar having driveline stronger(except diff),I could screw 20psi into mine as well and make 400 plus,I couldn't give a rats azz if my motor blows lol.My car also does Powercruise type events 3-4 times a year including 90 second skids,powerskids etc.I rack up between 5-600kms a week also which resembles average daily driving for many.I guess you could ring Chris and speak to him about it but not sure what you are going to provide that I cant bar a faster timeslip,like I said though I am only $200 away from having 400+rwkw no worries and the ability to run deep into the tens,fairly sure current trend backs this up.

    Wtf Bitza

    This is what I said to Chris and why I suggested the person I did in my last post in the BTR thread.The issue for me is that he will jump on the money back guarantee even if it gives gains over a factory stall converter,he is going to compare it to his 5000rpm hi-stall and not apples etc.I am not doubting the product just the use of it in his application....hope I am proven wrong and his car goes a couple tenths quicker tbh.

    Wtf Bitza

    He is buying a converter of Chris,going from 5000rpm stall apparently.Can you see any headaches for Chris?
  9. When I fitted my 3" catback from Xforce it improved economy,the car was in std tune also.Its still the exhaust I run now.I know why this happened but won't go into in this thread.

    Fg F6 610 Rwkw

    Very nice,whats the dastest the car has been so far?

    Wtf Bitza

    Yeah see that every week getting around,suprised this is the first time you have seen it.
  12. Seen a fella here in Adelaide with 300rwkw go 12.4@115mph with a low 1.8 60ft.He used 235/60/15 ET Streets and apart from a little throttle control on launch looked to smash through the gears.Stock cooler and intake BA MK11 6spd.
  13. Whats big power Airstrike,what section of the market do you think it is aimed at btw....what if the person with big power drove it like a bunny and only a few kms a week lol.I will be skidding this thing soon also which I am sure no-one one in this thread will do lol. having different powers etc state gains will show more data for people than just chucking it in a big power vehicle. You still never answered my post on the other forum bloke where you suggested he was only using backyarder/sub standard testing equipment and why certain other equipment would be better...this info may be helpful for the builder.
  14. Power should be noted with fuel used to get there to make things even clearer I think. My 350rwkw on pump without slip would see 125mph no worries and obviously more on E85 at same power level. I think driver skill plays a big part and not being afraid to slam through the gears if capable.
  15. I know of a great candidate for testing one of these converters for you Chris.The fella is on Australian Ford Forums and has a BF Falcon XT with every possible bolt on except for a custom tune.His car is running 14.2's at the moment which is quite a good achievement with the power he is using(175rwkw).I know he would love to drop into the 13's untuned and this converter may do it for him.He races every week interstate and uses the car as his daily.The N/A crowd are in much bigger numbers on the other forum and might pay to have a look over there.His user name is FPVGTHO. I think then looking for an XR8 customer would be beneficial also as then you have all factory power plants being tested with your converter.I also think getting one in a very basically modded XR6T would be a good move.

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