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  1. Mmmmm port and carlton draught 😛 Classy bogans
  2. I had these left over from my recent works done, apparently mine were done ages ago but I didn't know this when I ordered so they're just sitting on my bench, only 1 month old. Bag is unopened, let me know if you want them, mates rates of course. I've got some genuine grease in addition to whats in the bag. @EvilDaifu I just want to thank Gaz for organising this cruise. Lots of time, effort and money goes into organising these so thanks Gaz for making it an awesome trip and it was nice to meet everyone.
  3. Sort of like GeoCaching but with E85 😄 6 with one left over at the end
  4. For anyone interested, my E85 stats were average 21.6L / 100km for the whole trip, I used 147L total. Khancoban to Jindy leg was 28.5L / 100km.
  5. I say bring him... cats have auto-leveling systems... like a gyro.
  6. @EvilDaifu Still waiting... it will be a close call. How about these temperatures???
  7. @k31th setup a go fund me, I'll kick in a tenner... Or you could always redirect site dono's for a week... 😎
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