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  1. Happy Birthday tobymacca!

  2. Happy Birthday tobymacca!

  3. Instruction On How To Fit Fg Sports Bars

    sam howd you go putting the sports bar on? im picking one up tomorrow morning
  4. Cruise 4 Charity - 28 October 2012

    Hey y'all...so I got a service on my ute and I've found my drivers brakes are screwed and need to be fixed, also had an accountant meeting and I'm up sh*t creek with the ato. Basically it's dangerous and I can't afford to go round the track any more...devoed! I'll still come down to yatala to meet everyone and drive to qr to witness the Expensive Daewoo beat down
  5. Fg Turbo Ute

    im getting mine done on wednesday...take it to a ford dealership and they order the parts and paint them, then need half a day to put them on. booya
  6. Premium Sound Query

    mine was confusing for a while, but youve just gotta load in your cds one by one, press load, wait for beep, stick it in, hit load, wait for beep etc I use the aux input in my fg, just got my old samsung galaxy phone with 48gig of songs
  7. right so this is my baby, they were taking yonks ago by the previous owner, dont think it was real clean when he took them! ill get onto more during the week
  8. ute register

    I'm new I dunno how to do that lol!
  9. ute register

    why dont we go for a spin on the 7th, next sunday? any suggestions on routes?
  10. Cruise 4 Charity - 28 October 2012

    Sounds good to me! I'll get the mrs onto option 5 for me. Where we meeting for the drive to qr?
  11. Cruise 4 Charity - 28 October 2012

    What's track cruising and heads up sprints? Never been to one of these or been on a cruise before lol! I'm new, very new to the turbo crowd! Go easy on me!
  12. What Gauges Does Everyone Use

    Imloco where did you get yours?
  13. ute register

    Brisbane ute owners....how many off us are there? Let's go for a drive one weekend together yeah?
  14. ute register

    Dangreene that is an amazing looking animal! Sleek as! Rims set it off!
  15. Cruise 4 Charity - 28 October 2012

    Yup I'll be all over it

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