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  1. Happy Birthday XR6T_BA_Falcon!

  2. Happy Birthday XR6T_BA_Falcon!

  3. Happy Birthday XR6T_BA_Falcon!

  4. Happy Birthday XR6T_BA_Falcon!

  5. Happy Birthday XR6T_BA_Falcon!

  6. back in the days of the VLT sitting on the highway doin 110.... this skyline comes up beside me does a flys past me and I knew there was a speed camara about a km up the road, I chased passed him..... so he thought it was a cool came he over took me I sat behide him as we where doin 160....I slowed back down to watch him get his photo taken hehe..... I thought it was funny.
  7. oh oh I might get one for my sisters car
  8. im still gettin ripped off, I fuel up today and ultimate was still 149.9 a litre :cussing:
  9. im not 100 percent sure as I do not live in townsville but from memory they are on duckworth street (near the airport kinda?) if that helps let me know how you go....if you still have no luck I'll chase down his number for you
  10. I got the 1st model and yes its melted on me.... and im to slack to ring them up and get a new one so I got the heat gun out.... melted it back open further and screwed some extra stands in it (prolly more work) ha .... but yeah I did notice a difference.... but I did add the ss inductions, plus the 2nd F6 CAI and BMC filter all at the same time....
  11. north coast customs, they just opened up recently....I talked to him the other night on the phone.... he does do capa edits and tunes.... it quoted me around $950 for the box and another few hundred for a custom tune.....
  12. I'd ask them for a price breakdown..... find out where all that money went.... frig that for a joke $740!!!
  13. heh I got a VL its fun trying to open up other vl's with your key, so many cars that will open and start for you lol.... all in good fun...
  14. I'll take a pic of my mates car hes got a set of white five spoke with chrome dishe 18's..... I like it myself
  15. heh I currently got running "god created turbo lag to give V8's a chance" on my back window to stir up the gen3 boys....good fun
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