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  1. GTX3582, the 10.88 run was 130mph and a 1.68 60ft. Vevapower #4 and #15 both kathy and there is two #10's
  2. lol thanks Stever! if you upload the video to youtube or something let me know. ouldnt edit my post so heres a post with the pic... Update for #43 WA WAL3SY / XFT A6 FG XR6T Sedan Motorplex 10.611@128
  3. Happy Birthday walesy!

  4. WA WAL3SY / XFT A6 FG XR6T Sedan Motorplex 10.881 @ 129.68
  5. Simons XFTF6E with a new PB 9.387@147.78 link to time sheet https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=646841562065407&set=a.522699797812918.1073741832.139641019452133&type=1&relevant_count=1 ALSO can you edit mine please, #44 name is spelt wrong, and where it says UNKNOWN should say Xtreme Ford Tuning cheers
  6. too true! that's why XFT gets results at the track, not just the dyno :-)
  7. my car is also an XFT car, noticed it says unknown.. #44 at the moment... that should jump at least 10 spots pretty soon :-)
  8. FG ZF Record has come back west again, Simons F6E. 9.42@148.7mph
  9. FG ZF Record has come back west again, Simons F6E. 9.42@148.7mph
  10. Happy Birthday walesy!

  11. hey guys I spotted a White Mk II FG xr6t at Carosel shops yesterday, I have seen it around a few times, pretty sure its running coil overs and a nice set of black rims, but im more curious as to the boot lip he has on it, its bigger than a g6et one but its smaller/less chunky than a DJR boot lip and doesnt have a light in it. Is he on here by any chance? or does somebody know what this boot lip is? havn't got a picture unfortunately
  12. thanks guys, yeah new gearbox is on the cards lol, not sure ill enter race wars though, maybe once built motor and precision is done, so maybe by next year When is the next cruise turboboink? did you sell your GTX to a guy named Beau with a black G6ET? think it was a good mate of mine that bought yours
  13. to update my post a couple up, 444rwkw now and snapped an input shaft, threw a new box in but 3rd is starting to slip
  14. Hi guys, new here, live SOR but always cruising all over the place, if you see me out wave lol depending on how im feeling if I want to fly under the radar car has 2 different looks
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