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  1. Happy Birthday tyron.jarman!

  2. Happy Birthday tyron.jarman!

  3. Qld Cruises And Events

    Does anyone know what happened with the springwood maccas meet on a Thursday night? Has it been moved to another location?
  4. Happy Birthday tyron.jarman!

  5. The South East Queensland Chat Thread

    V8 EATA would have been been good to see strapped to a dyno. I saw it a couple of weeks ago and it sounded like a beast! Is that all GTX42 made? I thought it would have run higher numbers than that?
  6. The South East Queensland Chat Thread

    Oh that's unfortunate.
  7. The South East Queensland Chat Thread

    How did CRYPTC go as well? Will be interesting to see how much it made on race fuel.
  8. Is This Noise Normal?

    It could be your tensioner cause I have the same problem at the moment with my car.
  9. Bonnet Release **merged Topic**

    Will do luke
  10. Bonnet Release **merged Topic**

    Ok cheers Luke, how much am I looking at to get this through ford?
  11. Bonnet Release **merged Topic**

    What about if I just wd40 the joint to make it looser, will this work?
  12. Bonnet Release **merged Topic**

    I replaced the the fuse box the first time it broke and now it has done the exact same this on this new box. The wire cable and the release mechanism are fine, it's the plastic hooks on the bottom of the fuse box that it connects into that keeps breaking off. I'm even wondering if anyone has re-inforced these little hooks and how they did it?
  13. Bonnet Release **merged Topic**

    hey guys Im having some problems with the plastic clip on the interior fuse box where the bonnet release is attached to. I have broken the attachment part of the fuse box twice in as many months. Im just wondering is anyone else having the same problem and how they are fixing it. Car is a 06 BF. Cheers
  14. The South East Queensland Chat Thread

    I have heard nothing but good things about exhaust innovations at capalaba.
  15. Company Car.............dilemma.

    I love my T too much to sell it if I was in your shoes. You won't get anywhere near the thrill of the falcon in a gutless mondeo! I can also see the positives for going the other route and selling it to put on the mortgage, but I'm 100% sure u will miss it within the first month of it being gone... Good luck with it mate!

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