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  1. Thanks again guys. Sussed it out and I think flex plate may be the go. One day wiggum I owe you a beer for all the times you have saved me.
  2. Id give that one a 7. Bonus point if it happened at 60+kph and there was a noice oil slick. Bf mkii upgrade with about 102ks. 300kws if that. Pretty much no boost was running.
  3. Mechanical. Occurs with only 1 plug in and no coils and at starter motor speed as a clunk once per cycle. Start it and it turns into a mechanical rattle. Thought maybe it was the whole engine/turbo rattling against engine bay at first but is defs engine related.
  4. Ok team I am having some engine problems and struggling to diagnose the issue. All I can explain is the problem not how it happened as a mate had it when it happened... So there is a serious rattle/knock coming from the engine at idle. Rev and it goes away. I took all the plugs out and turned it over and it sounds perfect. Put 1 plug in any cylinder and there is a knock/rattle once per cycle. All plugs means more rattle. Took the rover cover off and cam chain is fine. All valves look fine. Rattle is only there when compression is there. Im thinking not bearings because it is all cylinders an
  5. Thanks jet. Anyone got a turbo head for sale?
  6. What is the difference between turbo and na heads? Cams only?
  7. Havent tried. Going to see tuner in a couple of weeks so ill have a chat to him but I have a feeling its oil related.
  8. Using gulfwestern syntrans. This is my second fill so yes followed procedure from zf manual but its not super exact. Have a feeling it might be leaking somewhere. Had a rough idea of how much came out but hard to tell on the 20L drums how much went in. Running a pwr cooler. Tuner is not the issue... best in sydney. In my old 4 speed when that started flaring it was a specific clutch at all rpm. This is all gears at higher rpm (dont really have a test track to do higher gears...)
  9. Do you reckon that incorrect oil level would cause a flare on all gears? Changed the oil again and it seems to be flaring just a little at high rpm. Only other thing that has happened is gearbix tune. Surely they would increase shift pressure at high rpm?
  10. I have installed full hid projectors with xenons into bf headlights. hid projectors spread light different to halogen ones. high beam is actually a "cutoff". when you flick the switch a solenoid moves the cutoff down allowing all light out.
  11. I had a bad experience with ev14s. End of the day you get what you pay for with injectors. Am now left with a set of bosch injectors I have no use for. Stick with IDs and you wont have any problems.
  12. Do a bit more research before you buy anything mate.
  13. Consider yourself lucky... I changed the oil and the heat exchanger for the gearbox started leaking coolant.
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