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  1. Happy Birthday Tglamo!

  2. Happy Birthday Tglamo!

  3. Happy Birthday Tglamo!

  4. Happy Birthday Tglamo!

  5. Hi all. A quick question upon cleaning my boost solenoid lines I noticed a fair bit of oil that seemed to be leaking from beneath the master cylinder I have degreased the area around the brake fluid resorvior to try and isolate where exactly it's coming from,a bit stumped as it's still full though,any info on causes probabilities would be awesome cheers!
  6. Managed to do this trick today,boy what a difference,managed to do it without moving the battery or pipe,just unscrewed the solenoid bracket and wollaaa! I highly recommend this made a big difference down low,boosting hard again! Chin chin
  7. You're not alone! My 07 bf ute has the same issue,nothing sticking but massive uneven wear on the rear pads,apparently it's common in thrse utes from au to fg ..
  8. From what I can see it's leaking from below the gearbox,it's letting off a small smell upon engine becoming hot,the leak is heading backward toward the exhaust piping,hard to pinpoint without cleaning up the area though
  9. Ok sweet,is the bleeder located directly below the gearbox or is it in an offset location,hard to see at the mo without a proper jack:( my fault for lending it at the wrong time! Any help would be great! Cheers guys
  10. Hi all,righto il be honest here I have minimal knowledge on gearbox parts etc,I own a bf 6 Spd manual ute,and upon doing a pad change noticed a leak appearing to be coming from the gearbox right where it meets engine,can someone help me to identify whether the bolts connecting from g box to engine has a seal,it's not gushing out but leaving a good smell as it's leaking backwards towards exhaust manifold,is this a big issue to fix? Any help would be awesome! Cheers guys
  11. Tglamo

    New Members Thread

    Hi all well what a great site to be part of! Proud owner of my new bf xrt manual ute and look forward to doing a few tweaks etc in the near future,and I think I have found the right place to start:)
  12. Hi ok cool sorry about the little knowledge I have as I am a 8 convert lol,great tips so would I be going down the right avenue to get mild power increase from my ute as I am not happy with the stock and what it puts out,I don't want to spend a dime on aftermarket upgrades just the easiest and most cost effective way to gain a bit more power..
  13. Hi all yes apologies meant the ecu adding in a flash tuner and the best approach on instalation etc,I am new to the turbo scene and was more alese keen to gain a bit more power from my stock unit as is. Cheers
  14. Hi all new to this forum I was hoping to get some advice on how to convert my standard computer to something a bit mote advanced,I own a 07 bf xr6t mk 2 utility cheers!
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