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  1. anyone here deal with Empire Mechanical and racing in Moorebank?
  2. FG MK1 icc to MK2

    will do. thanks Keith
  3. FG MK1 icc to MK2

    Hi Guys I have a fg mk2 xr6 single zone touchscreen icc at home with all modules was wondering If I purchase a Black and white fgmk1 icc and swap over the screens and icc module would this work. I noticed the fg mk1 has the aux/cd button but the fg mk2 has the media button is this a problem?
  4. New Plazmaman 700Hp Fg

    Thanks for your help K31th
  5. New Plazmaman 700Hp Fg

    awesome thanks just wasn't sure if it will fit the intune piping kit but the dimensions are similar to the fg f6 cooler
  6. New Plazmaman 700Hp Fg

    Hey Guys, sorry to bring up a old thread, just wanted to know if this intercooler will fit the Intune Piping kit. I'm looking at getting 300-330rwkw at the wheels so I'm sure this intercooler will do the job. I emailed plazmaman and they said it Should fit but just want to make sure it does.
  7. I'Ve tried BTA and wouldn't go back I had my bf xr6 t tuned by them(390rwkw) and had problems since day one. Each time I gave the car a little squirt the speedo will drop out, the car will stall and will idle rough, sometimes when it did this my input shaft used to break. Will also struggle to start every morning, went back multiple times left the car there over a week came back and nothing was done, he tried doing a sorts of diagnostics and each time will charge me for it, changed so many parts and issue still hadn't been fixed so just ended up selling the car, bought a fg tuned it with autotech and have had no issues.
  8. Hi Guys, This is my ba xr6 turbo, nothing to fancy. Enjoy
  9. New Members Thread

    Hey Guys how uz doin just thought id say hi im new to the forum I used to have a vy ss but just recently bought a 04 xr6 turbo and love it cant wait to mod it up

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