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  1. 108mph is about right for a standard G6ET. It's the 60' keeping you away from a 12.
  2. Trutrac #1 Had an open diff in my old G6ET and was too unpredictable when driving "spiritedly". Trutrac made it way more predictable in all conditions from standard power all the way to 460rwkw. I felt a lot more confident driving with one.
  3. Haven't got too many pictures of it. The photos definitely don't do the colour justice which is what attracted me to it.
  4. I'm 28 and this is my 2nd G6ET. Bought my first one at age 23
  5. Mine is pretty loud with the turbo side intake.
  6. NSW Stevanford / Autotech A6 G6ET Sedan - WSID 10.64 @ 133
  7. I left mine in D when I went 10.74 and 10.75 back to back.
  8. As someone who owns a car with 2x 044s, I feel that the 044s themselves are not that noisy.
  9. Do the exedy clutches make the shifts firmer with a ZF ? Mine has the ZF clutches in it (a few extra) and it shifts just like it was standard.
  10. Nizpro billet input shaft should cost the same everywhere. How much is a cryo shaft from CMS ?

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