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  1. Looks like a good start to the day, see you guys at shell
  2. Count me in for the cruise! Ill meet at west gate. Picking up four mates that will come in my car at Winchelsea on the way through. Won't have a 40ch radio till I get to Winch though (I don't have my own but my mates there have one)
  3. Yep, coppers use the extra battery so they can leave the radio/lights and stuff going without worrying about flattening the main battery. Thanks guys
  4. Hi Guys and Gals, I'm Maddo and this is my beloved car: 2009 Ex Victoria Police Unmarked Highway Patrol ZF 6 Speed FG XR6 Turbo. -Dual Battery System -No Speed Limiter -Adj Pedals -Curtain Airbags -Reversing Sensors -Lowered - ~105,xxx KM on the clock, Extended Warranty 0-170kmh for you guys: (Comment/Rate/Subscribe) (click on ads if you feel nice haha) Exterior Interior Engine Bay Circuit Breaker Second Battery
  5. Hi Guys and Gals, As requested by some mates of mine, I've taken some videos and photos of my 2009 FG XR6T Ex VICPOL HWP to show some of the differences and ways to spot an ex police car including the dual battery system in the boot. Feel free to click on the advertisements Comment/Rate/Subscribe! First is a video of the interior modifications and things such as where the gun rubs on the seat etc: Second is the dual battery system and modifications in the engine bay: Third is the dual battery system and modifications to the boot: Photos are self explanatory. Exterior Interior Differences
  6. Yeah wanted to see the economy gauge lol, all my other videos have speed, but there no point watching it anyways since it only refreshes few times a second
  7. Much the same as a normal FG XR6T with some minor upgrades
  8. Check my whole channel for heaps more footage: http://www.youtube.com/user/madma0 Here's just 3 of the videos I took.
  9. Maddo

    Summernats 2012

    Check out my channel for heaps more Summernats 25 Videos: Yeah I know its a Expensive Daewoo but its a decent effort lol
  10. Maddo

    Top Speeds

    Someone buy me some Y Speed rated tyres (300kmh) and ill do 0-off the clock in my FG
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