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  1. Happy Birthday Kodi Finnen!

  2. Happy Birthday Kodi Finnen!

  3. Happy Birthday Kodi Finnen!

  4. Happy Birthday Kodi Finnen!

  5. Well organised gang, had a blast, awesome people and day all round, definatley keen for another. Cheers again
  6. Me + 2 cars definate, 1 with passanger and the other just driver. Then 3 cars maybez, unsure until the day,soz I couldnt be positve, people like to sit on the fence until the last minute.
  7. Ive got 3 cars pulled out guys, and my missus is a qualified photographer so she can take a few snappies aswell as the few other photographers we will have. Other than that the other 4-5 cars I said will be there.
  8. Ok I got another 5 cars, 4 +1 passanger and 1 + 2 passangers just gotta hear back from 1 more guy wit numbers, she's gonna be a pretty big cruize
  9. Ok fellas so ive got myself and my girl in my car, other cars/people include: Mat Ting + 1, Joel Neal + 1. Should have 2 or 3 more just waiting on confirmation. will let u know when I know.
  10. 2 easy man ill get my numberz together and let ya know
  11. Hey gang im keen for a bit of a drive, got a few others from the coast and town who are keen if your happy to have them??
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