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  1. All good mate, forgies wont do much mate, its the roads that are the big let down in these engiens, even the Typhoon Rods, they are stronger and will take abit more punishment but yeah, I would suggest a set of decent rods with stock pistons. My BA im going for 350+rwkw, it will be getting tuned soon, somne guys have had BA bottom ends Last years Some just a few weeks. depends on how it is driving, I have a friend who did 290,000Kms on 300+rwkw, with not a drama. Alot of guys use stock head gasket but if your gonna have head off putting a set of ARP head studs and metal head gasket would be a good thing to do, ARP head studs can be used more then once, stock rod bolts use them once throw them away. Dylan.
  2. Get fuel reg all set up only thing left to do is Extend my wiring For MAP sensor, both plugs to throttle body and will be ready to go for a tune. also Gave coil packs a clean and put some heatshrink on to insulate them abit better. Almost ready for a tune!
  3. Hey mate, I my self am going to do same thing, I have a 05 BF Egas Engine. (straight gas) the Egas Engiens have the Same Rods as The BA/BF F6 Typhoon Donk but the compersion ratio is 11.1:1 where the turbo engine is around 9.1:1, Spool Imports are Doing Kits where u get Rod's,Pistons,pincs Rings, and even a Metal Headgasket For a decent Price. if your gonna Build an engine a package like that With a set of ARP mains and head studs one of there gurdels and billet oil Pump gears you will have your self a 600+KW bottom end. Valve springs would suggest Atomic or Even Crow Cams springs. Dylan.
  4. Cheers mate! yeah getting there slowly. had few issues here and there but working around it. went back to using Stock Rail but modified it. Aero flow rail was not going to work and did not want to Drill or weld a nice rail. so some one can take it off my hands for $100 + postage. got some stickers made for the Bonnet, and also thinking of getting some personalized plates. got 2 choices. Bonnet stickers were done by my fathers Sponsor Steve From Sos signs Innisfail http://www.sossigns.com.au/
  5. yeah I removed them was easy as. did a dummy fit of bonnet. took bar and bonnet to get painted so should have it back hopefully soon
  6. I had to cut the lip off the Reo that supports the front bar and had to modifie the aircon condensor. at first I made brackets and it hung lower then front bar (VL leb spec) then I remade them and now it sits up in the bar New bar on test fitment before Paint
  7. I'll be using 60lb dekas they seem to line up alright. Only thing I have to sort out is a mounting point.
  8. haha true that its pretty loud dose haha, I cant wait to hear my External Gate setup with a sneaky screamer pipe
  9. Yeah works we'll lol, getting a stainless one made up soon
  10. Cheers Mate, Update, got my turbo back on, with new external gate set up Lifted my cooler up abit as well
  11. Ordered My billet fuel rail, Fuel Reg and 044 just need to get a set of 60lb injectors and a surge tank
  12. was is always fun! brand new set of 195 60 16 haha dead now
  13. that's with cooler kit center muffler removed and 10psi tune loves 3rd lol
  14. hey guys bringing a old thread back from the dead here is a skid of my car in a mates shed alot better this time. sorry about the angle it was taken on.
  15. Plenum showed up today :D Put the turbo back on yesterday just have to put dump pipe and I/C pipe back on
  16. Cheers man!! will be better once I get my typhoon Kit haha, yeah should be interesting, I can see im gonna kill my Box lol
  17. Just finished putting my turbo back together will most likely get it back on the car tomorrow afternoon
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