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  1. Happy Birthday griffo240!

  2. Happy Birthday griffo240!

  3. Happy Birthday griffo240!

  4. Happy Birthday griffo240!

  5. Hmmm not bad but not exactly what I am looking for..... Thanks
  6. I am after some thoughts on what rims to get for my ute? It is a BA XR6T, I am after 20x8 and 20x9.5 on the rear or even 22's on the rear! I have been looking at Vertini Hennessy's or Fairlady's or something like these. Any suggestions would be great! I am respraying the ute right now to a bright orange :-)
  7. I have had it up to 260 with FPV gauges in it and the speedo shat itself so slowed down....... On my drive way :-)
  8. Tunehouse is definatly the place to go. I used to go to CV, (my old XR6T once and then my current ute 4+ times, they wehre very good) and then I tried a place down here (canberra, wehre I live) called Gentech and I was very very far from happy with their work and I was told by a mate to try Tunehouse, looked them up on the net, all you need to do is visit their website and you will be sold. Not to mention, Jim, Tony and the boys are just awesome, fill you in on everything and dont stuff you around. They dont treat you like an idiot. The customer service is THE BEST! I dropped it off to them one my way to Thailand for 8 days and they where happyly incontact with me via emails and always filling me in. Not to mention when I went to pick it up on a Friday, it was the Friday of the Big snowies criuse from this site and they ahd been held up by another car, Jim, Tony and another guy whosname I never got but he ws from NZ stayedback till 10:30pm to make sure it was 100%, and they had a big Dyno day the very next day!!! I believe that shows alot about the people there, they could have said too bad it cant be done but they didnt, and the tune was just amazing!!! highly highly HIGHLY recommend Jim and Tunehouse!!! * CV do a great job too, but Tunehouse is the best!
  9. Yea they said it still need other parts. But if I was going to spend that amount on it (close to 10k I mean) then I would go to Als Proglides where I talked to a bloke who went there and got a C4 fully built, shifter, fully man, Stallie, tailshaft and rated to 1200-1300HP drive in drive out (sort of, still have to get your tuner to make it all work) for $8,000! So I would much rather that! Thanks to everyone though for your info and experiance
  10. That sounds awesome guys! My auto bloke in Canberra called him to talk to him about it all and he said he can build them for like 6k and they will hold 1000hp, but he also said there not BTR's but out of like Nissan 4x4's or something. Still sounds awesome though and weill definatly be looking alot more into it. Thanks everyone
  11. Wow that's awesome mate, I will definatly try them out for sure!!! Are you running big power?? I figured you are cos you are running high 10's
  12. Dont worry I have already thought about getting a C4 in it, already have a price, just have to weigh up my opinions now! Oh really?? Dam I have been having so much bad luck with mine! I went in today and looked at it and it had snapped SOOOOO many teeth off the Gear Set! so was really stuffed up. Im not sure what model Gear Set he put in it but my guy had up graded them from the BA's to a fewer teeth but thicker and stronger set. What have you had done to your box and by who if you dont mind me asking mate?? Cheers
  13. hey everyone, I am new to the forum but am not that new to the XR6T's. I have a question to ask guys that have had the same problem, I have a built up (as much as we can really) BTR 4 speed auto in my XR6T ute, now I am making over 360rwkw and I just broke my Gear Set in my box :-/ Now my question is, is this a common problem and can you get better/stronger Gear Set for these boxes??? and if so where from? Mine already had a non BA as the BA's apprently were a lot thinger gears! Thanks for the advice everyone
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