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  1. Found this diagram... Number 4 is where the shaft is going in... From pictures of the shaft it just looks like a gear.
  2. Yeah I figured this. But as stated in pictures and said above I'm replacing the whole ball joint and arm itself. So I can hammer and damage the thread and ball as much as I want to remove it because I'm replacing the lot. Thanks for the concern though.
  3. Couldn't pull the shaft out to look at the end.. Its to long it hits the hub before it can come out. Need to find someone that's worked on these... I think it would be something simple like putting it in neutral and lining it up some how or something along those lines... I've tried every combination I could think of.
  4. I found yellow paint on both sides. Wasn't diffinative but it was all I could see... Tried a good 5 mins to try and line it up and push it in but no go. Any other ideas?
  5. Nah didn't swap them they on the Same side. But I didn't check for a key. I did try and turn it all the way around and push it in to see if it only went in one way... I'll go check if it has a key now.
  6. It's sitting about 15mm out of where it should be... Here is some pix also
  7. Ok so I got the ball joint out... The one from Repco didn't work but the fork from supercheap did the trick.. I did hammer on the side as you had said about but that didn't work either... Anyways it's out... But now I have another problem I don't know how to solve. The inner Cv joint shaft has come out of the gearbox or what looks like a gearbox maybe a transfer case on the awd. Anyways it's come out and the damn thing wont slot back on... Any idea's... Here is a vid of it. http://youtu.be/EW5_gMPTZjs
  8. this one http://www.supercheapauto.com.au/online-store/products/Stanley-Ball-Joint-Separator-Mini.aspx?pid=105533#Recommendations or this one? http://repcoequipment.businesscatalyst.com/repco/repco-ball-joint-separator
  9. Tried everything today...hammering the sh*t out of it. Tried to vice grip onto the ball end and twist it, the end of the tread has a 10mm socked end on it so I tried turning it. Nothing worked so I just ended up hammering the crap out of it but still no go. Unsure if I can get a 10mm onto it anymore cos ive bent the crap out of the end of the thread. I still dont thing it threads onto the hub, it makes no sense to do that I just think its stuck inside it some how. any idea's?
  10. Hi all, Other day at the servo in my territory ghia turbo the ball joint on the LCA just crapped itself and popped out. Tow truck driver said its common problem on these cars. I had trouble getting parts over xmas but I made it happen so I got all the parts and im working on it today and the ball joint that goes into the rear section of the hub is stuck. Does anyone know if this is threaded or just a shaft. The damn thing just wont come out. Pictures below of the new arm, old arm and ball joint stuck in the hub.
  11. It felt really light in my hand. I havent felt the standard so I couldn't really compare. In their website they have exact weight of the standard and the weight of the 11 blade and it's 13 percent lighter. It's currently in the car running. Sounds bloody nice. Car isnt fully tuned. Competing 3inch to 4 inch intake upgrade especially when I have . 70 ar housing and a dual 3.5 cat upgrade. Then running the full tune... Simon from extreme ford recommended those upgrades before completing the proper tune. The spool sounds so much deeper than previous. Probably the . 70 ar housing.
  12. Yeah was like I thought pressure sensor. Don't know but there must not been something wrong with the hose I used. Got it working. Cleared the limp mode and reset and all good
  13. Thanks mats Anyone know what this code is referring to? Need to find what sensor this is.
  14. Ok found it and did a "read dct's" under check engine settings. I figured day's were the sensors. This it the error. Is this the pressure sensor?
  15. I have different injectors but I didnt change them this time round. Was done on a previous tune.
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