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  1. Happy Birthday robbo17586!

  2. Happy Birthday robbo17586!

  3. Happy Birthday robbo17586!

  4. Anyone use or know of any good catch can kits for an FG....? I.e. good price, correct hose sizes etc.
  5. mate, you can't run a blow-off valve venting to atmosphere and be legal no matter what you do. And mucking with a PCV would be very silly. If it could be done legally in a road registered vehicle, don't you think it would've been done already and info on it would be easy to find. And not running a BOV at all.....? Well, that's a rookie mistake all on its own.
  6. Just want more money so I can pour it into mods for my ride. Saving blows!!!

  7. Ok, I'm gonna try and clear this up for everyone. I'm a mechanic by trade, but I really could just be anyone so you can choose not to take my word for it. FAST-XR was pretty much on the money. Later model cars have engines fitted with Positve Crankcase Ventilation Valves (PCV). What these do is allow for the changes in volume within the crankcase due to the engine oil heating up/cooling down (expanding/contracting) thus changing the volume of air within the engine. The PCV allows air to pass in and out of the engine when the volume changes due to what I explained before so there is not any und
  8. I'm looking at fitting the nizpro 4in exhaust on my fg. Did you end up fitting yours? If so, how'd ya go with it, how does it sound cruising and hammering it?
  9. I'm just a jew by nature mate. hate wasting money and research everything beyond doubt. cheers for the in info. very much appreciated.
  10. and that's what you've got now? I got some conflicting info from some different tyre fitters and the vibe I got from them is they haven't got a clue. Where abouts did you get your tread from?
  11. Did you have to roll the guards?
  12. bit better representation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4x7_kMWtXWk&feature=related
  13. Yeah, have checked all the vids out on youtube. Doesn't really give much away. Love the note at idle though in the other vids. Pretty sure that's what I'll end up getting. Pretty keen on the fact that it uses v-band clamps, no bolts (apart from the turbo flange) and no welding.
  14. It does look to be a very good system. There is some modification required if you have a factory tow kit fitted. I've heard overboosting is a problem with larger exhausts but am more than prepared to get the waste gate modified to suit and will throw a turbosmart actuator on it as well. When you say hard to describe....... good or bad?
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