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  1. Any chance of posting up a time sheet again as the old one has expired
  2. What mods have the 2 10 second xr6 turbos got with the factory turbo?
  3. JMJR10

    Nicks G6E-T

    Congrats on the purchase. You'll make 300rwkw with 1000cc injectors and a high flow cat on e85
  4. Do know have an idea how much they will be worth?
  5. $300 to install...is that in Melbourne?
  6. Just wondering if anyone in Melbourne has had an lsd put into their FG and if so how much and where did you get it done as im looking at getting an lsd put into my g6e turbo and just seeing what options I have. Ive heard of people using the bf lsd
  7. JMJR10

    304Rwkw G6Et

    You now have to try beat 10.87 lol new record
  8. JMJR10

    304Rwkw G6Et

    Good work mate Surge tank and nizpro exhaust and get back at there and try run the first 10 with baby turbo
  9. how come glouva1 isn't mentioned in the 11's for when he ran 11.0
  10. I wouldn't bother modifying the turbo get the nizpro cooler and nizpro exhaust and get the surge tank aswel that nizpro use
  11. JMJR10

    304Rwkw G6Et

    I don't know that's what I've been told from Simon. Oh well see how we go... Nizpro had a car make 300rwkw with just injectors and e85 tune. Must just depend on the car I suppose
  12. JMJR10

    304Rwkw G6Et

    Good time for the power I could be wrong but would have thought you would have made more power as I was told I'd make between 310 and 315rwkw with nizpro 1000cc injectors and nizpro highflow cat on e85 Also noticed your dyno sheet says highflow cat and f6 intercooler and pulp which I take as bp98
  13. JMJR10

    In The Club

    So what turbo do you have the MTA750 or MTA900?
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