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  1. sweet thanx mate. is there any way of adjusting the FG Headlight? these bulbs have come with a shade or cut off shield over the top of the globe.
  2. any one brought a kit from Offroad Industries? I got a Full HID Kit with Harness 55w ballasts and bulbs but haven't fitted them yet there virtually plug and play. kind of a bit nervous about them throwing headlight error codes on my 2011 FG XR6 Turbo. just wanna see what u guys have to say but this. Cheers guys
  3. Happy Birthday Philz_T!

  4. Philz_T

    Next Vic Cruise

    we need a xmas cruise!!!!!!! weather is getting better cars will look great!
  5. Happy Birthday Philz_T!

  6. Thanx guys! Also noticed tonight the drive train clunks a lot more than normal and once again in the rear and when car is warmed up not cold! When car is cold everything is smooth and sounds nice but once driven for 30mins or so it's so clunky and noisy no matter how smooth u use the clutch etc! f*cking hate going to the dealers with annoying problems all the time!
  7. Hi guys! Notest the last few weeks that I have a strange noise in the rear of my xr6 T ute. When cold everything sounds fine. After driving half an hr on freeway and start driving in city roads every time I turn a corner I hear this whop whop whop noise from the rear! Not sure what it is. Could it b a diff or suspension problem? It only dose it when turning a corner driving straight everything sounds fine! Cheers guys Phil
  8. Hi guys! I have a small problem. I was driving with my parker's and fog lights on today and as I got home and turned the car off I head a beep from the dash. I turned the car back on and headlight fault warning came up. I had the headlights set to auto at this stage and the light were on and won't go off even though it's the middle of the day. Does any1 have any solution? Cheer
  9. Philz_T

    Next Vic Cruise

    Sounds awesome to me! I'm happy to go anywhere just wanna do something sooooooooooooooon lol.
  10. Hi guys Have been looking on eBay and have seen a lot of fg MK II climate control units for sale. Was wondering if I could fit a Mk II unit in my Mk I FG XR6 Turbo Ute? Would love the bigger screen and touch screen.
  11. So I'm back to square 1! If there is any1 out there that has a nitro blue xr8 bonnet ant want to get rid of it pm me!
  12. Not sure it was on eBay and the bloke lived in colac. It was nitro coloured and mint condition. I was ment to pick up on sat and on the Friday night he massaged me telling me his dad left something leaning up against it and has chips all over it! He was a very nice and helpful bloke telling me that and he said I could have it for free. But I just wanted it already painted so I could wack it straight on my car no painting etc.
  13. Hi guys Bad news the bloke I was getting my bonnet from damaged it so I didn't end up getting a bit shattered! :o(
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