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  1. Happy Birthday kcjazzra!

  2. Happy Birthday kcjazzra!

  3. Happy Birthday kcjazzra!

  4. Happy Birthday kcjazzra!

  5. Papabears sick so babybear Kaaysie jaaz just cooked a mean bolognese with garlic cheese toast nom nom thank you babi gurl

  6. Woohooo nek minnit all blacks win 2011 world cup bring on france as selwyn toogood would say IT'S IN THE BAG boy's

  7. Damn this commentator on channel 9 makes me feel like I'm at eagle farm racecourse the way he calls the game switching to fox sports

  8. And another try Wales you can do it

  9. Ok cmon winterbottom lol

  10. Stay in there davison *FORD* All day

  11. For those without fox sports the all black v Argentina game is on gem hd live at 6 pm churr!!!

  12. Smebody put a gag on fricken Gould paalease

  13. Very,very,very,very,VERY lucky young warriors well done

  14. Haha GOODWIN you iriot

  15. Well so far audio vixen to take out xfactor churr

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