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  1. I have a ballistic stainless steel 100cpsi 5" body cat that will fit fine mate. Brand new with 3.5" or 4" inlet and outlet. Will double check. Happy to sell it for $150 posted. Shoot me a message if you're interested.
  2. Makes sense, but extremely involved and I don't see the point when it should be able to be done via software.
  3. I've tried to ask around there with no help it doesn't look like a very active forum, and I've tried google all the places either don't reply or aren't sure of what to do.
  4. G'day guys, I have MKII FG XR6 Turbo with 48000km on the clock. I have recently purchased a MKII F6 cluster to install but it has much higher km (200+) and I have looked high and low for someone to adjust the km for me but have had no luck. Hoping one of you guys can point me in the right direction. Cheers, Mo
  5. Happy Birthday Moey-DW!

  6. Happy Birthday Moey-DW!

  7. Happy Birthday Moey-DW!

  8. Happy Birthday Moey-DW!

  9. Okay do you have the number man? dw just saw their name, I'll call up
  10. I would love to know more about these ssssl's!!!! Does this distributor have any website I can go on??
  11. Many people with BF's and after market cats are just living with the engine light. It doesn't mean anything other than that the car doesn't meet the emissions ratings anymore, nothing wrong with the motor. With some cars it doesn't light up at all though, I think its luck of the draw. If you can live with the light don't worry about it, but if it's that annoying get it tuned so they can turn it off.
  12. 6 flat in my n/a bf ghia. only xr6t catback and k&n filter. Wheel spin in first.
  13. Yeah true man. That's what I made the thread for, so I don't have to do things twice thanks. Yeah I've seen all of those kits, especially that one for $1500, gotta think about it and funds. Might give the guy a call and go check out the turbo, he said it's in good condition. VERY EXCITE!!
  14. Question, if I run an aftermarket hot side intake and a monza intercooler but stock dump and exhaust, will I need a cutoms tune? Not gonna use factory crossover, because I'll just swap over when I get a tune down the track. Using turbo ecu. Also, I've read that the ba and bf ecu's are different (black oak vs spanish oak?), true?
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