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  1. Happy Birthday buddha hughes!

  2. Happy Birthday buddha hughes!

  3. Happy Birthday buddha hughes!

  4. Happy Birthday buddha hughes!

  5. Happy Birthday buddha hughes!

  6. I think I am a member of the lonely hearts club?, I need a woman, but alas I wear my heart on my sleeve

  7. FORDS rule just have a look on 7 sport right now

  8. I wonder if ROBYN EVANS has any good stories about the gove speedway I know I have and speedway was'nt even on that night

  9. I watched the news yesterday and they said if there was an election tommorow the only labour candidate left would be KEVIN RUDD , says a lot for labour does'nt it

  10. what's the go with the stripes they look like they were put on by a two yr old , they are jagged
  11. if you want to stretch your legs and test your cornering abilities try the road from the gem fields to clermont 87 ks of madness but beware of the cattle and such

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