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  1. I have a complete efr9180 package to bolt onto fg, everything that's needed if anyone's keen pm me. For $3500 turbo is like new 5,000klms
  2. Car shouldn't have left the shop in that condition. Power should have been pulled back for safety. Also any decent tuner would be able to tell YOU what is wrong. You shouldn't have to run around chasing your tail replacing things. We pay good money and trust our tuners know there job.
  3. Shannon's Ba aggred value $38k $130 a month. Went from nrma $20k $115 a month.
  4. 9's lol Good luck man I've spent 20k and still not there. Big jump from 10's to 9's...
  5. Cheers man, is a scantool good enough or does it require something like a ids?
  6. Brother lost he's keys to he's bf! Someone tell me cheapest way to go about getting new ones :/
  7. In the morning. Noting much apart from two chisel holes and moist carpet to see lol I thought maybe the drain line came out or something but I was shocked when I looked and seen where it runs. The angle of parking made the water trickle down and into the car instead of trickle straight like it usually would. Why they run the hose where they do has me dumbfounded.
  8. Drilled a speed hole in the drivers side floor. Woke up to find a 20cm deep water pool in the drivers side foot well :/ Looks like ford and there dumb ideas of running the drivers side sunroof drain hose into the or sill wasn't a great idea when the car is parked on a big angle..... Now the door ajar light remains on. Have removed the foam under support and dried it all out. Not a happy camper at all.
  9. Cheers man. I love them Already been pulled up and asked what they mean hahaha my response "feel the power" lol he wasn't silly
  10. Bad time constraints ment we were unable to order in custom pistons. Block & head was decked and calculated at only 9.0:1 So far have done 515klms on the motor in ine day lol Goes back Tuesday for re tune
  11. New motor is now in. Anyone who knows a motor would understand what has been done to this one, In short/ it has fire rings now that take the combustion pressure and not the head gasket. This way the motor can handle more boost then usually! Huge shout out to Cms and Brett for more the 30 hours from the 22-24th finishing it off so I was done in time for the NATS. Now I have 5 days to run it in, 2000klms will do me Along with some new plates and smaller cams.
  12. Matt, wait to gilly bolts he's 6466 onto he's big bunga built motor and doesn't see over 515rwkw.... Time will tell if anyone can do it no reason why gilmores won't! On paper I bet yours should do low 9's also.... Should have stayed with the gtx lol better results Marky went 499.7 MAXED OUT another ute from Melbourne went 515rwkw @ 31psi Hahahah Those cms900's do better :/
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