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  1. Happy Birthday brazam!

  2. Happy Birthday brazam!

  3. Happy Birthday brazam!

  4. brazam

    Fg Mk2 Le 2012

    That was one point I had with my dealer, mine ended up sitting in a yard for a week as a delivery blunder was made. Tracking would have stopped that as id be watching it daily. I also suggested pics be uploaded along the build, would be a nice touch.
  5. Happy Birthday brazam!

  6. Yeah that's right jetsnot, its a twin. That be great if you could.
  7. Anyone suggest a shop in Melbournes outer East? I was quoted 1300 for a 2.5 stainless cat back force, its sounding expensive now.
  8. I have been quoted $1300 for a 2.5 stainless cat back for fg ute. Where was yours done?
  9. I had a camera fitted when I took delivery of my 2011 fg, its the one they offer on the ford site, for me its handy to know if thou are going to hit something that is low lying but it is was too wide angled and very hard to judge how far away you are from things. Ive thought I was a couple of meters from a pole only to look out my mirror and crap my sacks as I was right on top of it. Im still thinking of going the sensors as well.
  10. Only 5'11" ha, I jacked my seat all the way up and still can't replicate your problem. Finally duck syndrome pays off, thanks mum and dad I take back all I have said in the past
  11. Did the same flat trip again and got 10.6, not too sure re wind etc but its getting better. Over 500 on the clock now. Time to trade while its still worth something
  12. brazam

    2011 Fg Turbo

    Not 100% sure, just an update that needed applying but not sure of the issues it covered.
  13. I had my K&N installed before I picked my newie up so I cant say if theres a difference or not. What is the reason for drilling the holes? Dunno if I wanna take my Bosch to my new ride.
  14. Moon is the New map pack akso has all the oldies rejigged, there have been quite a few now. Accession my fav so far. Lvl 41 2 player online for me, that was after about a million cracks at it though and a definite routine of gathering them up and running them around. Funny how chicks can't get how we can do this for hrs on end, it just doesn't get old though.
  15. Harry's Lap Timer for iphone, has 21 aus tracks. Ive been using this on my bike and gives you splits and a ghost too though I tend to keep my eyes on the road mostly. For gaming cant go past Call Of Duty Zombies.
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