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    Well I work to pay the bills I play golf to try and relax( need to pick a different hobby lol). I drive alot travel to work long trip at least I have the right car.
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  2. Happy Birthday damian990!

  3. Happy Birthday damian990!

  4. Happy Birthday damian990!

  5. Happy Birthday damian990!

  6. RIP Marco u were a unbeliveable rider.

  7. Hmmm car is finaly clean bet it will rain tonight and I will have wasted my time

  8. Name: damian Car: BA MKii Ute Trans: 6spd man heavy duty clutch Turbo: stock Exhaust: custom made stock dump high flow cat. Engine: heavy springs. 60lb injectors. flash tune by chip torque. pwr cooler. custom cold air. KnN pod. stock piping. power: est 440hp hasnt been on dyno with me. fuel: upgraded unsure of brand.
  9. nice man forgot to add bigger injectors unsure of the size though. do u do many of the cruzes around ??
  10. I shall spot myself traveling to and from work every day along the ipswich mw and around the rocklea area and up and down the now called darren lockeyer way lol to my home in gatton offen get passed buy a ba bf seadan at the oxley turn off has a big cooler and a chip torque print on the rear window might have some ponys lol so all I ask is who r u and throw me a text if u see me on 0412040311
  11. Well I had cbr 250rr yes it was an import only just sold it a month ago and I already miss it dearly. now im looking at a gixxer 750 but I bought the ute so its my play thing at this point in time lol. I had too sell the bike had no choice as I didnt have the money to rebuild it I kinda fell sorry for the guy the bought it ( nar he was a wanka lol) poor bike im surprised it still going.
  12. nar henz no sheets but I rang chip torque at nerang and they had it on record that the first tune was set at 496.3rwhp then was retuned to a more tame 446.7rwhp. He done all the things that needed too be done. Pwr cooler, heavy valve springs. up grade clutch, flash tuned with a 6psi and 12psi tunes, ive made up my own cold air intake with a KnN pod. it has 4:11 diff gears with a ripshift the 6spd box etc chassis has been braced under the rear. the interior has been painted in the same blue as the car. hard cover for the tub and a number of other small things that r a must lol. What do u have man?
  13. Thanks for all the birthday wishes every1

  14. hey mate if u bought a flash tuner or something along those lines u have too remember that alot of them are VIN locked so u can just swap and change between cars.
  15. Hey guys the names Damian and ive just gone and bought a 05 ba xr6t ute. its goin well so far had some mods done b4 I bought it. I was told by the guy that I bought it from that it has around 450 rwhp I will be uploading some pics soon
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