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  1. Happy Birthday Joker_XR6!

  2. Happy Birthday Joker_XR6!

  3. Happy Birthday Joker_XR6!

  4. Happy Birthday Joker_XR6!

  5. Happy Birthday Joker_XR6!

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    Hey Guys In Hobart TAS, Blood Orange '03 BA XR6. Standard apart from tint. Looking at Cold Air Intake and exhaust to start with and then Wheels and a bit more power. Not doing too much cause its not a Turbo.
  7. Yeah I know it's not a Turbo but '03 92,000km 12k can't complain.
  8. Hey Guys thanks for the quick replys, I forgot to mention that is (dare I say it) a N/A XR6. If I was to go Pod would the standard air box be ok or would too much heat get through? Thanks again.
  9. New member first time poster. I have just bought an '03 BA XR6 ute and am looking at putting a new filter in as my first mod. I know this question has been asked about a squillion times but I really need to know before I drop my cash. Any thoughts on which is best Panel or Pod filters? and which brand? Thanks any help is awesome.
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