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  1. Happy Birthday moexr6t!

  2. Happy Birthday moexr6t!

  3. Yeah I purchased the car with the mods. And nah it just does it randomly dont really drive it that hard I'll get my mechanic to check the plugs and coils tommorow hopefully its an easy fix. What exactly is the valve float and wheres it located? Thanks guys
  4. Hey guys I have a issue with my car iv noticed that the car isnt running as quick as when I 1st got it feels a fair bit slower and also when I pull up to a set of light its stalled 3 times in auto an also sometimes the revs go up n down anyone know might be causing the problem?? I was told maybe the spark plugs or maybe a re-tune?? Any info would be good. Thanks
  5. Hey guys thanks for the welcome Its a 2003 ba xr6 turbo. I'll try and put a pic up hopefully in the next few days.. Whats a good intercooler and exhaust to upgrade to to achieve the 350rwkw mark?
  6. Hi all my names Moe and I recently purchased a xr6 turbo with 325rwkw on 15psi car was tuned by CV Performance in Sydney. Following Mods: Monza Intercooler Injectors Valve Springs Custom piping from intercooler to throttle body Bosch 044 fuel pump 3 litre surge tank Battery relocated to boot 3 inch Exhaust throughout with 3 inch metal cat Tuned with ford flasher Turbosmart Bov Car goes and sounds like a Jet. I would like to achieve 350+rwkw what would be the next steps to produce this safely? Also anyone know what type of quarter mile time a car like this would get? Thanks
  7. moexr6t

    New Members Thread

    Hi all Names Moe im from Sydney and just purchased a 2003 Ford XR6 T with 325rwkw Just wanted to introduce myself......

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