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  1. I don't know what RHS support bolt n play spec is but it was a bitch to get in. Finally got it to hang after cutting and bending things not in the instructions. Also had to move the top radiator mounts back a few cm like turboboink said.
  2. I don't suppose you could get a picture? Probably covered with lots of plastic and the bumper though.
  3. Yeah it's a late model mk1. Could I heat it with a heat gun or blow tourch to bend it or not? Its also rubbing on the little aluminium cube that's directly below the a/c pipe about 20cm but I can probably fix that by moving the radiator support back even more. Whats your clearance like between the thermos and the fanbelt/pullys? I probably should have opted for the Plazmaman instead yeah.
  4. I'm trying to fit a 1000hp cooler in my fg xr6t but it doesn't seem to be fitting properly. I've read that some of you had to bend and cut some things that arn't in the instructions given. The top of the cooler hits the a/c pipe and the picture that's in the instructions doesnt have the bent my pipe mine does. This is what the one in the instructions looks like https://www.plazmaman.com/upload/dazcvrrlekmmllwz.jpg (in the top right hand corner of the cooler). Any tips?
  5. I got a xforce 3.5" turbo back and deleted the center muffler. sounds tops.
  6. milk

    New Members Thread

    My brother just got a fg xr6t, its crazy! I cant imagine the guys with 400rwkw+, lots of charing power :D

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