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  1. NIS-014

    Fpv Force 6 Build Number List

    well I am going off a 40k budget so it is a decent one however I know what I want and I currently have an f6e which my partner will have then I will be getting a "me" car as above I like the force I love scotts in person and everything about it, seen a green one and 2x silver plus jor605 qld plates at the recent qld ford day.....
  2. NIS-014

    Fpv Force 6 Build Number List

    very nice rides, opinions please question for everyone 500-600hp goal 160km daily use track days and drags huge possibility do I want another f6e already have this maybe a f6 or do I go a force6 even though I will be doing huge km in it.....
  3. NIS-014

    My Build To 500

    love this car mate well done !!!
  4. NIS-014

    My Build To 500

    any updates ?
  5. NIS-014

    Which One?

    my dad has a white gt with the blue stripes looks unreal......comming from a man who hates white its gotta look good..... anyways where can we get this shaker and lock down pins......... PS. go RAPID.....

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