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    Making My 2006 BF MK2 XR6 Turbo break the sound barrier......hopefully
  1. Happy Birthday Lime Turbo!

  2. Happy Birthday Lime Turbo!

  3. Happy Birthday Lime Turbo!

  4. Happy Birthday Lime Turbo!

  5. Hello People, So after a huge debate I'm getting a surge tank installed, Is it worth buying a pre-assembled Surge tank such as the process west or the plazmaman 1.7L tanks. Or install One myself using the parts I will show below: http://www.ebay.com....=item35bf1cb47e http://www.ebay.com....984.m1423.l2649 My question to all you smart people is the following: 1. Where do I install the surge tank, mounting issue? 2. What fittings, cables would I need 3. Is the 1.5L tank shown enough? 4. Anybody recommend a different fuel pump over the bosch 044 external 5. Anybody have a diagram for the installation of a surge tank on a xr6 turbo? I have searched over the net before I hounded everybody again on the forums, but I didn't get anywhere. So I'm left with the professionals haha. Any help at all appreciated, I just don't have a clue about surge tanks.
  6. Yeh mate, bpt are still doing the tune. I asked simon at xft for a price, but it was too steep as mine has a sniper tune and he uses xcal. So it means re-flashing which is basically paying for your first tune and setup all over again, where as im already with bpt so its only gonna cost the hourly rate for a re-tune. Ill see how it goes, the guys at bpt are good guys, ill see what they can get out of it
  7. Thanks Bionic Im onto it now. Ill be getting a surge tank installed when XFT finish building my ZF. Any recommendations? Has anybody done custom install on surge tanks instead of paying over $1000 for the pre build plazmaman/process west tank & pump combos?.... If you know what I mean haha.
  8. Thanks for everybody's replies. So here is an up to date spec sheet of my car.....sort of haha. Could anybody give me an estimate of what kind of power I should/could be pulling once its all up and running again? ....And im going to ask another beginners question, if you were in my shoes......out of the very little cash I have left after the ZF transmission rebuild: would I be better to buy a surge tank to run with my walbro 300lt-ph intank, or a plazmaman Inlet Plenum.... I know people have already answered, but its an ongoing question and im getting 50/50 opinion's haha, im chasing 500rwhp, and I think im nearly there, I just need some advice, im going to do the valve springs later when I can afford them. Is the benefit over the surge tank worth it, over the inlet plenum? Engine & Transmission: - Nizpro 1000HP Intercooler - 3.5 Inch Alloy Cold Side Into Throttlebody - 2.5 Inch Alloy Hot side - Walbro 300lt-ph Intank Fuel Pump - MSCN Turbo Oil Feed Kit With Inline Filter - Turbosmart 12psi billet aluminium Internal Actuator (waiting for install) - Seimens Deka 80lb Injectors (waiting for install) - 4 Inch Plazmaman Intake & Airbox kit with K&N Filter - Battery Relocated to Rear/Boot - Built ZF 6 speed transmision by XFT with Nizpro Input shaft (waiting for install) Exhaust system: - 4 Inch Turbo dump pipe - 5 Inch Catalytic converter - 2.5 Inch Twin Cat Back to twin 2.5" muffler tips Thanks again people, this forum is pricesless.
  9. Ok thanks for everyones comments. Im waiting for simon from xft to call me back with more info on the rebuild, so I will let you know. But from what I know that price was for me dropping the car there, him doing all the work, rebuild with clutch plates etc.... and the nizpro billet shaft. And me driving out So what ive got so far is drop the plenum: The one I was talking about was this one: https://www.plazmaman.com/shop_itemdetail.php?itemid=44&cate=65 Install my 80lb deka injectors and 12psi actuator from rapidsystems, buy a surge tank with bosch 044 pump, to run with my already installed walbro 300lt, buy valve springs, then get a re-tune with my already installed nizpro intercooler kit, 4" dump to 3" exhaust system, 4" K&N induction kit..... And im set for roughly 370kw? Thanks again peeps
  10. Riptide: Thanks for that, I'll have to see what I can do Bigkeels: That price is from XFT, with clutch plates fully rebuilt and Nizpro input shaft. Standard stall I think, and I'll have to ask about the trans cooler coz from what I've been told I don't think it comes with one.......but he did say drive away so I should get more info from what I will be driving away with haha Paulie: Thanks again mate, I thought surge tank was a backup? As in when you were low on fuel you can't punch it too hard, which I don't on low fuel anyway. Is the Walbro 300 lt ph not enough? Also is it still nesersary to change the valve springs, I though BF MK2 had typhoon springs? BPT are doing the tune, should I get the 1.2K plenum upgrade? Will this help. Regards
  11. Ok so if anybody is interested, a complete rebuild with hardened internals and Nizpro billet input shaft, drive away is $4250... not really that bad .......just didn't need it to happen right now haha Also I got told deka 80lb injectors and my 12psi actuator coming from rapid systems are s**t? what do you guys think? And from what I told you already what am I missing to hit the 370kw at the wheels mark? Thanks again
  12. No worries, I'll give Simon a call ASAP and see what he can do and organize a tow haha Thanks allot
  13. Thanks Paulie, So any recommendations on rebuild? Nizpro input shaft and 3000rpm high stall? Any places close to rockingham that does rebuild, Thoughts?
  14. Just to clear a few things up, the engine is running perfectly, the prop shaft has no movemant what so ever, which makes me think it cant be anything to do with the diff. And the gearbox has no drive, or no knock....almost like theres no input to the gearbox and no output.......its just a piece of metal at the moment between the engine and the wheels haha.
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