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  1. Hey guys, I've got an issue with my BF xr6 turbo. It's developed a raspy note on idle and take off and when backing off or giving a blip of the throttle I can hear this rattling noise coming from around the cat area under the car. It's been fitted with a a 100 cell ballistic cat when it was tuned around 3 years ago but has only developed this noise in the past year or so. I've also noticed that car feels a bit laggy on boost and sometimes it sounds like it pinging under WOT. So would this be a collapsed/broken down cat issue or something else? I'm guessing if the cat was collapsed it would cause flow issues which may lead to my pinging issue? Thanks guys
  2. Happy Birthday Jamesy 88!

  3. Happy Birthday Jamesy 88!

  4. Well that emoti is embarrassing lol
  5. Any of you guys from eastern suburbs, Ringwood area? I'm in a bionic BF sedan with bf 2.5 skirting kit
  6. I plan on plastidipping my wheels white in a couple of weeks, it was that or orange (thought it would be a bit loud) haha
  7. Almost at 180,000ks in my 2006 BF XR6T. Still holding up well but probably time to replace the shocks and springs
  8. Thanks for the suggestion mate, ill try some oil. Either that or put my brothers new BOV on to try and eliminate that all together
  9. I've had myTurbosmart Dualport Kompact BOV installed for a little over two years now fully vented. During this time it has worked like a dream, however over the past couple of weeks I have noticed it mainly doesn't open at all and when it does it's only when the cars at full running temp and smashing high boost. I have shortened the vac line as much as possible to avoid kinks, just wondering if there is any sort of maintenance required for this BOV's? Any help would be good
  10. Happy Birthday Jamesy 88!

  11. Happy Birthday Jamesy 88!

  12. I need a tune bad, lucky to be getting 400k's out of the tank on the stock tune haha

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