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    my family,having a few beers with mates while working on my motorbike restoration also talking about cars and bikes and bikes and cars somethings the cowboys come into the conversationand of course FORDS
  1. Battery only 3 months old,so will get new starter thanks for all your help cheers
  2. hey sorry I took a while to get back,the starter solenoid clicks when key is turn on so does mean a new solenoid is the go
  3. My wife’s n/a xr6 has a problem with starting.You can turn key and all lights on dash come on and no start,turn key off and try again and all good, it now takes two goes to start.Does it with both keys, car opens and locks no worries. can anyone help thanks
  4. Does anyone make aftermarket boots for auto gearshift and handbrake
  5. Happy Birthday gixxer!

  6. Happy Birthday gixxer!

  7. Happy Birthday gixxer!

  8. Happy Birthday gixxer!

  9. gixxer

    Fg Airbox

    hi fellows just would like to know I have 2011 fgxr6t and are thinking of putting in a whole fg f6 airbox is there anything I will have to do like new tune or sensor that needs to be replaced . Any help would be great thanks
  10. gixxer

    ute register

    hi from townsville have 2011 fg turbo,6 speed auto,edge in colour love it
  11. Happy Birthday gixxer!

  12. my fg had new diff after 3000ks thinking if it goes again will replace with 9inch diff
  13. Just a bit disappointed I think it is my first ever brand new car,but will get over it.
  14. Just had 3000km"peace of mind" service done on my new fg xr6 turbo ute and had small noise in driveline at about 90-100kph under power, so guess what I need a new diff. Can not complain about service from dealer but have to wait 2 weeks for new diff.I know it is all under warranty but not real good for new car.
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