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  1. dav0001

    Place In Melb That Can Paint Brake Calipers?

    Thanks heaps for the comments and feedback guys! Yeh I'm not too confident on removing and refitting the brakes myself.. I've done other basic mechanical repairs myself, but I reckon ill just pay up the $440 to get it done and not have to worry about f#!king anything up lol.. But at least I now know the labor cost's sounds about right and I'm not getting ripped off
  2. dav0001

    Place In Melb That Can Paint Brake Calipers?

    $440 sounds about right? ok cheers, wasn't sure since that's the 1st (and only) quote I've gotten so far..
  3. Hi everyone, I don't often post on here but I cant find anything using the forum 'Search'. I'm looking for a workshop around the eastern suburbs of Melbourne that can paint my XR6 BA brake calipers for me (I don't have the tools or space) By painting brake calipers I mean: 1) Clean & remove grime before painting. 2) Prime (using high temp primer). 3) Paint (VHT Caliper paint, up to 4 coats if needed). 4) Finish (clear gloss) Brakes Plus has quoted me $440 for all 4 calipers. I am around eastern suburbs, so near Croydon, Ringwood, Croydon, Mitchem, etc! (willing to travel a bit) If anyone knows where I can get a good job done for cheaper please let me know Cheers

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