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  1. To check if it the booster causing bad brakes you need to clamp off all brake calipers. First two or so pumps of the pedal with the car off will determine If its causing the bad brakes ( still sh*t pedal) The check if the booster has a vacuum leak ( normally associated with bad brakes, but not always) spray solvent or a similar product around the booster and associated vacuum lines. If the revs increase periodically or it splutters a bit you have found your problem. Sometimes you can hear a loud hissing noise of the vacuum pulling the solvent in.
  2. I doubt that would make any difference to idle as its under vacuum so anything leaking before the map sensor shouldn't affect idle. When you checked for vacuum leaks did you check the brake booster. That often gets overlooked for slight air leaks. I've had a car before we're the brakes still felt okay but the booster had an air leak causing sh*t idle.
  3. Dumb question, how did you torque your spark plugs? No offence intended but seen many people crack them before from over tightening. Then refuse to replace them because they are 'new' Food for thought.
  4. To test dodgy brake boosters I normally clamp off all brake lines at te calipers then with the car off see what the brakes are like first pump. If the pedal is good then it's a fault elsewhere if the pedal is sh*t then it's the booster. But a lot of other variables come into play though with newer model cars, abs etc etc
  5. I'm guessing you haven't done a WOD before? From my experience its more a fact of the workouts are so challenging and difficult you have to start cheating a bit towards the end simply to complete the workout ( kip. Or slightly shorten a push-up etc) the crossfit instructors I work with are absolute form *beep* even more than the fellas I did my cert 3 in fitness with. I can tell you personally I've never been, stronger, faster, fitter and more flexible in my life! It's a great feeling. But each to there own I guess
  6. Haha alot of them struggled with the clean. Poor blokes and gals
  7. I only had a few seconds to look as I was In between two cars and waiting for parts on another haha! It seems to be a two part design. Mallet the outer side in then the inner. They also developed a new dimple system on the inner part of the bush that retains grease better to stop squeaks. They also made a new compound for the centre diff bush which may all be included in one kit. The good thing about the nolathane centre is you don't have to cut the shell out like the superpro bushes. The rep also mentioned they will be bringing out the easy fit stuff for all the front end bushes. I run Superp
  8. The nolathane rep came into my work last week and said in the next two weeks they will be releasing a new set of easy fit diff bushes in a kit. He showed me the new design and material And it looks to be the goods! The new easy fit stuff wont need to be pressed in!! Definitely pricked my ear.
  9. Fran is crossfits sorta fitness test I guess. 40 kilo barbell. 21 thrusters 21 pull-ups 15 thrusters 15 pull-ups 9 thrusters 9 pull-ups So doom!
  10. Nah ah. Please don't turn this thread into a Facebook page haha Check this out Fran in under 2 minutes!! f*cking rediculous!! I did Fran again last night for the first time in almost a couple years. Managed 7:10 but I wasn't kipping, almost halved my time!! . I think if I was 100% fresh and kipped I could be lucky to get it into the 5s. If anyone here can get it under 4minutes. Hats off to you blokes and ill shout you a protein shake or a beer!
  11. I had almost 10 months off after my ankle reco. About 13 months after I was swimming again 15months started running ( couldn't run before op) now I can smash out 10ks if I need to which is a great feeling. I'm chasing 'Fran' results, anyone got any? It's a pretty sweet fitness test
  12. Never seen one before, do they use a 3rd pinion bearing like the 9 inch with the bolt on pinion section to the housing?
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