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    Fords, my 1969 xw ute, mechanics, women, guitar, adrenaline.
  1. Happy Birthday Pearse!

  2. Happy Birthday Pearse!

  3. Happy Birthday Pearse!

  4. Happy Birthday Pearse!

  5. Happy Birthday Pearse!

  6. BPT just told me this arvo that they can unlock and retune them???
  7. Had the exact same problem, fixed it all with new plugs, my old ones had a .95mm gap, put my new bosch iridiums pre set to .7mm in and no leaning out or backfiring on full throttle at all.
  8. And an ED fairmont ghia lowered with inverted inner pursuitees. Also I've seen a few different modifications to xr8 bulges, one and two "flutes" in them, looks good
  9. Pearse


    I've got a ba xr6t. I'm running aftermarket 17's with stock tyre size with 15mm spacers, not bolt on, been doing it for 10k now, no problems, if anything it helps in the corners.
  10. Alright, I'm 18 years old, still on my green p's (WA) and have owned: 1988 L series wagon, Lifted 3 inches, exhaust, full sound system, wish I still had it 1989 EA falcon sedan, started off bog stock falling apart manual, ended up 200hp EL dash and engine converted, lowered, so much fun to drive and way cheaper to modify 1969 XW falcon 500 ute, bought this from an old boy at the age of 17, will never part with it, 200ci six cylinder 3spd manual on the tree, awesome experience to drive 2004 BA xr6T
  11. This is my ba xr6t, BF bumper, xr8 bonnet, rip off drift rims, debadged except the turbo badge, blitz blow off valve, centre muffler removed, when I get a bit more money I'll up the power but until then this is it.
  12. I had the mod done to my Ba xr6t in an effort to create a louder note, I think it's the best 100 bucks I've spent on the car, mines an auto and the noise it makes cruising around town at low revs is deeper and ballsier than my previous N/A falcons with full exhaust and extractors, only other thing that might make it that bit better is to hear the turbo from a bigger dump pipe??
  13. Had the centre muffler removed a few days ago by Mettam's Mufflers in Kelmscott, did a pretty good job, sounds wicked, makes driving my car actually enjoyable, $100 bloody well spent, It's got a nice low rumble on idle but also awesome hitting second gear coming down from third when slowing down, orgasmd

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