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  1. my cobra was straight lpg I still had to run a cat converter and a airpump on the engine the car had to meet emissions. both of got the arse when the car had been thru regency ..
  2. I bet your engineer is doug potts by the sound of his reply he done the engineering on my ac cobra replica a few yrs ago . if no joy with doug try rory thompson I think his name his .
  3. whhooo hooo I won 21.30 lol looks like tonights pizza is taken for lol
  4. first car was a 1959 fc Expensive Daewoo station wagon I bought when I got my license back in 1976 had to many cars since then too list them all some fords some Expensive Daewoo some jap and some where just plain crap lol . as well as quite a few speedway race cars along the way as well . in the driveway atm is a ford el wagon used for towing the race car with . a vz commy and a r33 turbo skyline as you can see im not loyal too one brand just what suits my purpose at the time . current race car is for dirt circuit is a space frame chassis quick change diff coil overs ect ect ect now this is where the fun begins lol . it has a full fibreglass ve commy body on it and atm is powered by a decent 308. BUT the real reason I joined this site was to get all the info I can on the ba onwards turbo donk cause that's what I want to power the race car with and get rid of the 308 for next season......imagine next yrs signwritting on the car the hrt lion and helmet with underneath in bold letters powered by ford lol. cant wait cheers dean
  5. stay away from comcen/spin same company different names had nothing but trouble with them had too use the ombudsman to get out of my contract with them . been with internode ever since 200gig plan and always fast and reliable not the cheapest but def the best .
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