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  1. Happy Birthday tookey!

  2. Happy Birthday tookey!

  3. Happy Birthday tookey!

  4. Happy Birthday tookey!

  5. tookey


    Can anyone please tell me the dimensions of a standard ba intercooler, as I am working away and dont have access to my car for a month. Cheers
  6. my brother has just gone and brought a bf xr6t ute and he is always complementing on my bonnet I was wondering if anyone has any info in regards to finding and purchasing one as it is his b'day soon and would like to get him one. Cheers
  7. Yeah I am looking to purchase one, but first would like to try and find out as much info on them as possible. Flash tuners, There for remaping you computer and change your factory settings 'IE' boost, air/fuel intake. Am I on the rite path?
  8. G'day, whats the go with the flash tuners if I was to purchase a flash tuner which im looking at doing do I then have to get my car dynoed? if that is the the case how much roughley will the dyno and programing cost. any info on this matter would be choice
  9. tookey

    Dba Rotors

    Thanks for your help John ill be sure to look into that very soon ill let you know how I went. Luke
  10. tookey

    Dba Rotors

    Yeah cheers mate what kind of pads do you recomend? as you may tell im not very machcanicly minded.
  11. tookey

    Dba Rotors

    Can anyone tell me if they know if DBA 4000 series rotors are any good or not? as my brakes are starting to shudder and im not going to bother getting them machined. Out with the old in with the new. Any info would be highly appreciated
  12. Happy Birthday tookey!

  13. ford falcon xr6 turbo
  14. G;day only new to the xr6 turbo family so hope to chat to some of you lads and gals soon take care drive safe

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