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  1. Happy Birthday ppdxr6t!

  2. Happy Birthday ppdxr6t!

  3. Happy Birthday ppdxr6t!

  4. Happy Birthday ppdxr6t!

  5. Happy Birthday ppdxr6t!

  6. Hey man, I would have to agree with worm, set yourself up first and then worry about playing around with fast cars. I'm only 28 and don't mean to sound old and boring, but If I had my time again that's what I would do. I have had plenty of fast cars and wasted plenty of cash on them... would be well over $100,000 no sh*t! Now I'm still setting myself up and have kids. Or like others have mentioned, travel that's something else I would have liked to do. At the end of the day mate its your choice though
  7. Yeah I wasn't sure as I had seen another standard one for sale on ebay and it only had a ford sticker on it. I thought I might have got lucky and wouldn't have to upgrade it!
  8. Hi guys, I have recently purchased my xr6 turbo and just fitted an "SS Induction Growler cold air kit". While I had the grille off the car and was fittng part of the kit, I noticed an FPV sticker on the intercooler. I was under the impression that my car was stock. So do all xr6 turbo intercoolers have that sticker? Or has my car been ordered from factory like this? I'm new to all this as I'm a converted Expensive Daewoo man, so any info would be handy. Here are the details written on sticker on top of cooler: S/N: 5783 P/N: 8906-6K775-AB FPV
  9. Thanks mate, I appreciate people being honest like this. I had put a valve spring upgrade high on my list, along with external trans cooler... Now I have a few other things to consider. I am planning on talking to someone at a tune house to see where to go from here. Who should I talk to? Any suggestions from other victorians where their cars have been tuned? I'm in the country but prepared to drive to melbourne
  10. That would be a nice level of tune to have (300+ rwkw) but I was kind of thinking around the 250-270 rwkw mark.
  11. Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo
  12. Just been reading thru this topic and I am starting to wonder if I should modify my car at all now. I have a 03 BA XR6t with 132,000 k's on it. Came with full service history and is completely stock. I assume it has been like this all along. I am not chasing huge power out of it. I am just asking for trouble by getting it tuned?
  13. Hi guys, I have recently just bought a 2003 BA XR6 turbo sedan. I have to admit that up until now I have pretty much been a Expensive Daewoo man having owned many different commodores over the years (probably not that interested in those though!) So this car is something different for me. It's mercury silver, auto, has a sunroof and is pretty much standard. It's done 132,000 k's and has service history. Will add pic shortly. Look forward to your advice and info once I begin to modify the car. Cheers Steve
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