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  1. It's been a while but thought Id update this. Rollover noise came back and got worse over time. Did some more searching and found some info on driveline fault diagnosis. ''If you put your foot on the clutch pedal slightly and the rattle noise disappears it is NOT the transmission, it is the clutch'' I Also found separately that concentric slave cylinder bearings always make some light pressure on the clutch fingers. Anyway If I put slight pressure on the clutch pedal (very light) the thing is dead silent I looked at the clutch master cylinder and found it has a hole at 90 degrees to the piston like a jacking screw was meant to be there, or at least a provision for one. I used an M6 x 35 bolt and 2 nuts and adjusted the pedal to just starting to make pressure in the cylinder (only just enough to take up any slack in the CSC) and surprisingly the clutch pedal and brake pedal now line up exactly and the switch attached to the pedal is still within working range and any rollover noise is gone completely, I am using a twin plate aftermarket PBR clutch that came with CSC and flywheel, it probably needs a corrective shim to set the CSC tolerance properly, instead of doing what I did. But same result.
  2. I have a truetrac and it clunks when first engaging the clutch, but smooth on road gear changes I use to have similar issues as described above bangs on changing during hard acceleration or decelerating The problem was the alternator It had a small voltage drop which was somehow effecting the ECU and causing a small glitch in the tps maybe, anyway new alternator no more bangs (shunting) in the drive line I was told by a tuner the ECU's are very sensitive to voltage supply, that's the only reason I looked at it as a possible cause. The voltage drop was too quick to detect on a multi meter
  3. Before anyone says tremec makes the gearbox they should know. It's bs. I tried the g70 additive with dex111. Did nothing maybe worse. But definitely no improvement. Tried the penrite 70w 75 as recommended on their site. Fn expensive. $140 for 5 ltrs. But it fn works. Roll over completely gone. Sincros work quicker. I rebuilt the box about 2 months ago. New bearings and seals. Typical usa design. Big ass gears. Looooooose tolerance gear mess. The rollover was the same rven when completely rebuilt. Finally it doesn't soung like a truck idling when the aircon is on.
  4. The first thing wrong is using a tuner who does mostly GM cars. Nizpro is just around the corner. Talk to the guys at nizpro the won't steer you in the wrong direction. There's a reason the nizpro carpark is full of xr6's and the dynamotive carpark is full of holdens.
  5. Yeah I miss the good old days of distributors and diy tuning. And no speed cameras
  6. Problem solved. New tuner. Had the car checked on dyno at the original tuner. 290rwkw as it was tuned originally, they wanted it for 3 days to sort it out. ECU, jumped a timing tooth, throttle body, could be anything they said. causing backfire. So I walked away, it's behaving the same way it was tuned originally. The initial tune had 16.5psi, the thermo fans on just about all the time to compensate for the heat issue The cat choked up after a few months too rich down low, leaning out at the top end. Took it to Nizpro (my new tuner) Found retarded timing. pretty f*ckn simple !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! New tune and fuel pump about 30kw more on less boost, running much much cooler much much smoother. and pulls so freely . Very very happy man. Will get a tune on E85 soon, by NIZPRO.
  7. Nup. Got build photos on an old pc. I really want to make a replica of this with a bi turbo 1uz (900hp) aluminium honeycomb chassis. Or this non existent made up ferrari (very cool) I made a cnc router big enough to cut foam for a car body mould. All I need is time and cash :(
  8. Yeah it had one straight through muffler quad tips 2 1/4 inch. And 4 hot dogs. Sounded better than a real ferrari. The higher the rpm the quicker it accelerated. Wicked. Took about 3000 miles to free it up to rev to 8500 Probably would only last 40000 ks but who cares. Whole engines are about $2000
  9. http://www.shannons.com.au/auctions/lot/O391PAR7BLNB0R80/ the original car (shell) cost me $1000. It took 1000hrs to make it. I remade sills, floor, A pillars, chassis rails. All made on a rotissery. The 1uz is a brilliant engine, I started it on the shed floor sitting on it's sump and reved it. it didn't move WTF That is a very balanced engine. Without a cat (1971 ADR compliance in the 240z) and no emissions it put out 220kw on original toyota ECU. In a light weight steel frame and wrapped in thin glass body. It was super quick and fast. but very tractable. I cut 200kg of weight from the 1050kg 240z and with thin fibreglass (had body made that way to order) (50kg total body weight) I used a 300ZX turbo diff, supra 5 speed (tall first gear) and a custom made shift extention housing. It had merc bits, nissan, toyota, ford, holden. triumph, and heaps of custom made parts, like tail lights chrome trim etc. Unfortunatley the 1960's aero dynamics were like a plane wing it wanted to take off I sold it because it was a death machine. And I have limited self control.
  10. For me half the fun is making stuff work that may or may not be designed for it. (I design and make industrial robotic sytems) Next year I'm planning a new bottom end, and complete refresh of the head. So far I've rebuilt the T56, head and tweaked and modified alot of the standard sh*t bits on the ford, like window winders, crossover pipe mountings etc This is the first turbo car I've ever had, it's a real love hate relationship. I recon If I can get this cooling / Air Fuel tuning issue sorted I'll be a happy man I had a 240z with a 1UZFE (950kg) You could thrash it all day long up to 8500rpm. and it would never miss a beat. I got rid of it because I nearly lost it at 160mph into some big ass gum trees (front wheels lifted off, no steering for a split second) With the ford I can park it at a shopping centre, take it on holidays, tow a boat or drive it on a race track,
  11. So with this I wouldn't need a surge tank ?? http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/WALBRO-460-LPH-E85-FITTED-TO-FORD-FALCON-BA-BF-SEDAN-FUEL-PUMP-ASSEMBLY-DROP-GO-/171454532043?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item27eb7c89cb&_uhb=1
  12. agreed. I also noticed FG's have bigger oil and coolant lines going to the turbo. Might be worth getting FG piping from a wrecker. A bugatti veyron has 10 radiators, not sure where I could fit another 9 on a ford
  13. just to update where I'm at with it. The car is manual I had some time to do some work on the car. Yes the oil is fried, 10w 60 penrite 1 week old. Also every exhaust and turbo bolt is loose after the track day, and blown out most gaskets (most of my issue on the day, I think) I had the turbo off and had a real good look at how the heat sheilds work (sh*te) If the turbo (big lump of cast iron is basicly running red hot, radiant heat is blasting at the middle of the head and compressor side of turbo) both made of great heat sink materials, transfering all that heat into the air passing through. So I got some ss lock nuts a new gasket set, and thermal wrap for the turbo, headers and dump., and a new genuine ford o2 sensor. I have digital readout in the car for the IC in and out, part of the IC temp controller 45psi pump and atomisers. on the track it reached 45deg at WOT until end of straights, then dropped to high 20's by end of first corners (works really well) After I fit the thermal wrap it will be interesting to see how much the engine temps and IC temps change ?? If I'm right about the open fire place (turbo) cooking the head and compressor, this should make a big difference. I'll get a new tune next week or 2 on e85, see how it goes. I watched a tuner and noticed he let the cars cool before re-runs. I'll make sure the tuner gets it nice and hot to be sure it's actually tuned to do more than race off at the traffic lights.
  14. It still has stock fuel pump. Been looking at a surge tank that fits in the engine bay and holds a bosch 300LPH pump (next mod) Out of the corner sections I was letting the car settle for a couple of seconds before booting it on the straights. The tune I have has alot of boost 14.5 psi that holds until redline (when upchanging at 5500 you can hear the blow off dump air.) For intercooler size I'm not so convinced, the BF typhoon race car had stock IC and stock piping, no problems. When I think about 20,000 litres of air passing through at 5000rpm, a 50% bigger IC would make marginal difference to intake temps. that's half the volume of an average sized inground swimming pool every minute. In that I think the below comment makes alot of sense. Thanks for all the feedback, makes alot of sense, will be looking at E85 options and a suitable tune
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