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  1. Whats your background, do you have any experience in the industry or relevant qualifications to help get a foot in the door?
  2. It may be better, but it's not going to be great. Will never come close to even a cheap boxed 12". What you may consider enough bass some may think is crap, and vice versa, so only you can decide really
  3. I went with the Remsa, advised to go them over the HPX, from two different suppliers that stock both. The Remsa fall in between the HPX & A1RM apparently.
  4. May have cracks in the housing that's causing them to come loose
  5. Just picked mine up, its been changed, will have a look when I get home tonight. Thanks for bringing this to our attention bionic!
  6. Mines got a knock coming from the right front of late, happens sometimes when going round a corner, hitting a bump or entering a driveway etc. Thinking it may be a swaybar link.
  7. Isn't BPR another mob who do mail order engine and trans tunes?? Might be worth the drive to melb.
  8. My timing cover leaks oil, not like that though. block is oily at the front where the timing cover joins up. I also had a leak where my turbo oil drain pipe split near one of the top ribs, wasnt losing much oil but f*ck a little bit can make a big mess once the wind under the car catches it!
  9. It seemed that simple at first! Might have to try calling another service department on Monday, see what they say my VIN brings up.
  10. Yeah I dunno, the guy checked the VIN and said yep needs changing, then went and spoke to a parts guy (once he was off the phone), and came back to me and said they need it booked in to check it. I just thought I'd go in and ask as the date is close and I work a few hundred meters up the road from my Ford dealer.
  11. I went in after work today and asked, they checked my VIN and said it needs replacing (built oct 07). The guy then spoke to someone else from parts then said they need to book it in to check if it needs replacing. Its going in next wednesday, be interesting to see what they say.
  12. http://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/index.php?/topic/81367-Zf-Specialist-In-Sydney-?
  13. 350rwkw is more than enough to kill the trans. The owners manual or service book says to service the trans if it gets given a hard time.
  14. I used the furious kit on my BF, had to piss off the passenger fog light and had to make up my own brackets. Might be able to move it somewhere in front of the intercooler once I get the Nizpro one installed, just wasn't sure how much room I'll have (have F6 cooler at the moment) It's easy enough to get your own cooler, hose's & fittings and just buy the adpater fittings from furious performance too. Pretty sure that's what CHLAXN did.

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