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  1. Is it possible to fit a B&M style shifter to a FG auto. I have looked at 1 of the forums about removing the knob, but not sure about if there is a aftermarket knob, have done some reseach on the net but can not find anything... Anyone out there that may be able to help with tis request...
  2. P-K

    Happy Birthday P-K!

  3. Happy Birthday P-K!

  4. thanks for the input guys I think I will be giving it a big miss...
  5. I have a 2010 FG XR50 Turbo, I am thinking about fitting an aftermarket GROWLER intake.Can anyone tell me if this will affect/void the warranty. Thanks Dave
  6. FG Ford XR50 Turbo
  7. G'day new to this site just want to share the new car

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