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  1. Might be getting back into a xr6t soon looking at a bf mk11 with zf 6 speed already making 360rwkw for $26,000

  2. Ok for a good turbo back setup if it was me id be doing: 4" dump pipe into 3 1/2" highflow cat into a twin 2 1/2" high flow exhaust system once you do this you turbo should spool up faster so it might be a idea to get a set of 42lb injectors kind of depends on the power you want out of it due to being a ba I wouldnt go over 260rwkw due to trans reliablilty. But with the exhaust some 42lb injectors a bosch inline fuel pump, typhoon cai, and a intercooler upgrade you should see 260rwkw pretty easy on a good tune. Most tunes set you back around $1,000 The exhaust depending on what type of metal
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